Thursday, October 01, 2009

Democrat Representative Cares About People "Even After They're Born," Compares Health Care in America to the Holocaust

Who voted this smirking jerk into office? He almost isn't worth my time, but I'll give this post 5 minutes or so.

Freshman Congressman Alan Grayson (D., Florida) represents the 8th District of Florida. Well, that district just happens to include Orlando, and the top venues to visit in Orlando? Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Orlando, among other things. What if people in the rest of the country just sort of decided that they didn't need to take their family to Orlando's Disney World this year? It's just a thought. Since I myself have never been to Orlando and have no intention of going to Orlando, I won't be able to have much effect on those vacation spots. But maybe some people who might consider taking their family's spring vacation in Orlando might just think again. And let the people of Orlando hear about it.

This was Grayson's "apology" for saying on the House floor that Republicans want sick Americans to die--and die quickly. Personally, I don't want the man to apologize. I want him to keep talking--keep opening your fat pie-hole, bud, because the profound ignorance coming out of your mouth is only going to rile people up.

Another thing: Just like they've done with the word "racist," when the Left uses the word "Holocaust" in a flippant, trivial way like this man does, the entire concept loses its meaning and its impact with people.

Why do Jews continue to vote Democrat? I'm just asking. I know some young, secular Jews who are the worst intellectual snobs I've ever met. They are so proud of their Leftist ideaology. I don't get it.

This comes from the American Thinker article (linked above) about Jews voting the Democrat ticket: facing the threat of a new madman bent on exterminating them in greater numbers than the last, a preponderance of Jews appear poised once-again to overlook what's best for their very survival to affirm their Liberal mettle. As Ahmadinejad swiftly spreads his nuclear wings, the candidate Jews favor 2-to-1 [Obama] proposes to engage him with "tough-minded diplomacy." And if that doesn't scare the deranged little tyrant - who threatened to "wipe Israel off the map" after calling it a "stinking corpse" - into submission, President Obama promises to really let him have it by imposing "stronger sanctions."

Wow--stronger sanctions. Those Jews who voted for Obama: I hope you are reconsidering your 2008 vote. I hope you LISTEN to what Obama is saying and BELIEVE his words. As Elie Weisel said, "Trust more the threats of the enemy than the promises of the friends."

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