Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Better Anthem for Us All: Judy Collins Singing Amazing Grace

God Bless Our Troops. Another eight killed in bomb attacks in southern Afghanistan today. October has been one hell of a month.

Update: Charles Krauthammer on Fox News calls Obama's comment on Monday about Bush's "long years of drift" in Afghanistan "truly disgusting" and "beyond disgraceful," a "childlike attack" on his predecessor.

Every President has had issues to deal with that began during a previous term in office. What I hear Obama saying, every time he whines about the "mess" he inherited from Bush, is simply that he's not up to the job. Obama didn't "inherit" anything. He isn't a monarch. He ran for the job, he was elected, and now he ought to do the job. Or not. Have we ever had such a sniveling president?

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