Thursday, October 15, 2009

Timothy Geithner--the "Only Person" Capable of Leading the U.S. Out of the Economic Wilderness--remember him?

Update on this moron, Tiny Tim Geithner, United States Secretary of Treasury, for the love of God: According to the Washington Times, ten months into the Obama Administration, the only one who could lead us out of the wilderness of the more stupid-than-stupid BoooooosHitler administration, more than half of the 33 highest-level Treasury Department posts are still vacant.

This is the same guy, if you remember, who can't sell his own house. "Is it not like hiring a personal trainer who is morbidly obese?" Ya think?

The bafoonery of this entire Obama administration is simply beyond belief. It's such a target-rich subject that I can't get my own work done. I think, no more blogging today, and then I see yet another simply hilarious or ridiculous stunt by ObamaTeam. I need to walk away from the computer--now.

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