Monday, October 12, 2009

Jamie Gangel Interviews Rush Limbaugh on the Today Show, Parts One and Two

My take on Rush Limbaugh, a lot like my take on Fox News, is that most people who rabidly hate this guy have never listened to him. So I really have no interest in what the rabid-Rush-haters have to say. He doesn't do interviews very often. Part Two is tomorrow.

I started listening to Limbaugh in about 2000, when I was teaching writing at the U of Missouri, St. Louis. I can remember telling my students that they were being intellectually dishonest if they didn't listen to all sides of an issue, and realizing that I needed to practice what I preached (and being very much a part of the typical university "left" mindset), I started listening to Limbaugh. I began listening, "knowing" that the guy was a colossal jerk (although I'd never listened to him), but gradually--and it took a couple of years--what he said started to make more and more sense. The same sort of thing happened to me when my son suggested that I watch Fox News.

An aside: Jamie Gangell is the wife of Daniel Silva, the author of a series of thriller espionage novels using the same main character, Gabriel Allon. I think I'm on number 8 of 9 or something like that. I liken these books to very, very good New York by-the-slice pizza. If you're looking for steak or some sort of Whole Foods healthy, sustainable food, then look elsewhere.

Aside #2: Jamie looks, well, sort of haggard. Gosh, she just looks normal--she looks her age. I'm so sick of the plastic Barbie Doll news commentors and anchors who show up looking sort of like themselves--but not. It looks as though Jamie is either in between makeovers, or maybe she's decided--to hell with that.

Nice job with the interview, Jamie.

Update: Day Two

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