Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Vote for the Dumbest Thing Evah Said by a White House Senior Advisor

Here's Valerie Jarrett, White House Senior Advisor, being interviewed by Campbell Brown of CNN about mean old Fox News. She's speaking about having a conversation about "the facts," calling out the "outrageous" distortions and bias in the news, all the "chatter, distortion, and false information": We're going to call them out. "We're going to speak truth to power."

Um, Valerie. . . honey, you ARE the power. You're the senior advisor to the most powerful man on earth. Evidently, however, Valerie is so used to playing the victim card and the affirmative action card that she hasn't yet dropped the boo-hoo victimhood language of her youth and early adulthood.

Or wait--maybe it means she's walking around the White House talking to herself. If so, there's medication that will help that.

Just imagine--this woman is our President's "Senior Advisor." We are so screwed until we get rid of these people.

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