Monday, October 12, 2009

An excellent article from American Thinker that says a lot about what I've been thinking lately about Political Correctness

President Barack Hussein Obama, leader of the free world, bows to the Saudi King

In "normal" times, our American press would have gone nuts over a photo of our President bowing to anyone, and especially to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. But what we have that passes for jounalism these days from Big Dinosaur Media, which is flat-out journalistic malpractice, protected Obama from criticism or scrutiny when he bowed before the Saudi King, making it out that this really wasn't that big a deal--maybe it wasn't even a bow, maybe he was looking for something on the floor, maybe he had something stuck on his shoe, maybe he was trying to shake with two hands instead of just one, maybe your lyin' eyes aren't seeing what you think they're seeing. Good grief.

Political correctness has a lot to do with the media being soft on Obama. Many in this country are filled with the White Guilt that was fed to them as part of their daily bread in a liberal school system teaching "diversity" and "tolerance" as part of an insidious politically correct agenda. What people here don't seem to be aware of is that the PC mindset is killing Europe, and we're next if we don't wake up. More on that when I've finished a few books on the subject that I'm reading now.

The traditional media for the longest time has been unwilling to criticize Barack Obama, which is how he got elected in the first place. This bowing thing took place in April of 2009. My guess is that Obama couldn't get away with this now--the press, even Big Media, wouldn't be nearly so soft on this as they were even just a few months ago. So that's a little progress, but will the media, now that they seem to have begun somewhat, keep up the work that the First Amendment intended for them to do? We'll see.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the issue of political correctness. I plan to write something soon, but I found this article at American Thinker that's too good not to share now. It's an excellent read about the phenomenon of our PC President: PC Prize for PC President, by James Lewis. He doesn't mince words, and I think he's right on the mark.

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