Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Tough Day for Our Troops

Eight US troops, seven Afghan troops, and an unspecified number of enemy fighters were killed during the fighting, which ended after US air and artillery pounded the fighters in a counterattack. It was the heaviest U.S. loss of life in a single battle since July 2008, when nine American troops were killed in a raid on an outpost in Wanat in the same province.

I've found a good website where I go to get news of the war: The Long War Journal. I honestly don't care to get my news about the troops from the traditional media. I don't care to be exposed to their disengenuous whining. Example:

  • Headline at Long War Journal about today's battle: US, Afghan troops beat back bold enemy assault in eastern Afghanistan.
  • Headline at MSNBC about the same battle: Eight U.S. troops killed in east Afghan battle; Attack near Pakistan border was one of fiercest in troubled eight-year war
MSNBC can take their "troubled" language and shove it.

Unconfirmed: all eight soldiers killed were from Fort Carson, Colorado. Names of the soldiers will be released 24 hours after the families have been notified. God Bless our troops.

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