Sunday, October 18, 2009


Since I started blogging, my reading has dropped off. I can't allow that to happen. So no more blogging until I get caught up on the reading, or at least somewhat, since it's not really possible to truly be "caught up." Bye-bye blog, at least for now.

That doesn't mean that the egregious stuff from ObamaTeam is no longer happening or no longer makes my eyes bleed when I read about it; it just means that I need to leave it alone for awhile.


mat said...

Come back soon, so you don't explode; I could feel the steam emanating from the computer. For myself, I am running around naked screaming after hearing of the attacks on Fox/Beck and possibility of some type of intrusion into the Net, which is quite scary. There seems to be no limit to the audacity of these people.

MOTUS said...


Enjoy your furlow, but come back soon. We need as many in our army as we can muster.

Times are scary, and only the righteously enraged will keep us safe.

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Labwriter said...

Thanks to both.

MOTUS--love, love, love your blog.