Friday, October 16, 2009

Can anyone tell me what this jackass is saying, because I really, really don't get it. "Grab a mop--it's a socialist mop."

What is he saying here? Who is he speaking to--the American people? No, he's speaking to the "non-Democrats" in the audience. Well, they're not actually in the audience, because ObamaTeam would never allow people who aren't Obamabot sycophants to attend an Obama rally--so they're the "virtual" non-Democrat audience that he loves to mock in front of his adoring fans. Who the hell does he think he is to speak to the citizens of the United States this way? What an arrogant yet feckless man he is.

He accuses me and people like me of sitting on the sidelines, rooting for failure on health care, on energy, on the economy. No Barry , I'm rooting for you to fail--you. You and your stinking fascist policies. I am beyond outraged, listening to him speak in this video--beyond outrage.

So does he no longer want "the opposition" to sit down and shut up and get out of the way? In the next video, from sometime last summer, he said he wants the "folks who created the mess" to get out of the way: "I don't mind cleaning up after 'em, but don't do a lot of talkin."

Which is it, Barry? Do you want me to pick up the mop, or do you want me to shut up and get out of the way? Which is it, you jackass? Or do you want me to mop up and keep my mouth shut? Maybe you think I'm your white house slave--so get busy with the mop, but don't do a lot of talkin'. Who the hell does this guy think he is? I'll tell you who he is: he's a failed, one-term president, like Jimmah Carter only worse, that's who he is. Jackass.

If you ask me, both images are absurd and beneath the dignity of POTUS. I thought the President of the United States was supposed to be president of all the people. Could someone please tell this jackass to GET OUT OF CAMPAIGN MODE?

Update: OK, I settled down, a little; and I cleaned up the language, a little. This guy flips me into crazy sometimes.

P.S. When is someone going to say it? Obama's speeches, like these with the "grab a mop" images, are really third-rate. I don't know what happened to the speech writers who were with him during the campaign, but they're gone and he seems to be using the "B Team" all the time now.

And while I'm at it, is anyone going to call him on his faux-black-speech "accent"? He's from Hawaii, Indonesia, and Chicago by way of Harvard. The "black like me" speak is just silly. We know you didn't grow up in the "hood," Barry, so why don't you just cut it out.

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