Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hilarious. Arianna HuffingtonPost Calls for Joe Biden to Resign

I saw Arianna last week on one of the Sunday shows. She is seriously twisted up that Obama hasn't kept the promises he made to the far Left that for whatever reason they thought he would keep. I said while watching her snipe at him: "Wow, if Obama has lost Arianna, he's in bigger trouble with his base than I thought."

The only problem with that is, where are the ultra-Lefties going to go? Who will they vote for? Will they call for a Democrat candidate to oppose Obama in 2012? Will they stay home on election day? I just don't see the logical progression of their thought, if they become so disenchanted that they break with Obama. Or maybe they're just trying to push him farther left. He'll go there--he'll say anything--but by now they should know better than to expect him to back up his empty promises with anything substantive. This is the guy who was praised by all of the Left for voting present. Did they really think he was going to be something different just because they gave him to top job?

Anyway, here's the link to the HuffingtonPost's article calling for "Say it ain't so Joe" to resign. Obama may be no drama, but Biden loves drama. And what could more dramatic than resigning the vice presidency on principle? And what principle could be more honorable than refusing to go along with a policy of unnecessarily risking American blood and treasure -- and America's national security? Now that would be a Whisky Tango Foxtrot moment for the McChrystal crowd -- one that would be a lot more significant than some lame, after-the-fact apology delivered in a too-late-to-matter book.

The left is getting to be more like light opera every day. Or maybe soap opera. As ObamaWorld Turns. Stay tuned for more drama from the far-Left crowd.

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