Friday, October 09, 2009

Thin-Skinned White House Continues Media Oversight

"Can you ever think of a Nobel Peace Prize winner who has won this award for doing less than this President?"

"I think the best you can say about this is, it's premature."

This clip is comedy gold. First, a couple of comments:

It's hilarious that someone at MSNBC, otherwise known as Obama Lapdog Media, would be laughing this morning at Obama's award. He was actually laughing harder than I was when I heard the news. I don't watch MSNBC and I don't really know who Joe Scarborough is, but as I watched this clip, he went up in my estimation. Also, the blonde, helmet-haired woman anchor made me fall off my chair laughing at her schoolmarmish distress over Morning Joe being so disrespectful. She looks over at her colleague with incredulous contempt and says under her breath, "What is wrong with you?" She reminds me of Mrs. Herbert, my fifth-grade social studies teacher, who hated all of us nasty little children and let us know it on a daily basis.

Second, some White House "senior White House official" (potty-mouth Rahm Emanuel? depressed and depressing Communications Director Anita Dunn? actually I'll bet it was Robot Gibbs's assistant--I don't know what his name is, but he has squinty, beady eyes and he's about 22 years old) sent an email--sent an email--telling Joe Scarborough to cut it out (the wording actually was, "Quit being an a$$hole."). ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I know we're rapidly becoming Soviet Russia, but this is ridiculous. I only wish that Scarborough had looked in the camera, straight at that "senior spokesperson," and flipped him or her off.

Notice also how helmet-hair checks her blackberry to make sure that she didn't get left out of the White House email loop.

Update: Oh, this just gets better. It turns out that this same Joe Scarborough criticized Rush Limbaugh last week for "laughing with glee when Obama failed in Copenhagen," to which Limbaugh replied that Scarborough was doing his "best impression of a neutered chickified moderate" when he spoke out against him. Said Limbaugh, "I guess Joe wants to sell another couple of books to go with the 1,000 he already sold by pitching it to Democrats and moderates."

Update #2: The Sunday talk show at CNN takes on the issue of the White House vs. Fox News. Actually, this goes in a different post, but I'm not gonna move it.

The CNN panel: Maybe Obama should stop raising Fox's ratings.
Ed Morrissey at HotAir: Maybe Obama should start acting presidential.

Ariana HuffingtonPost said something today on the ABC Sunday show that I actually agree with--maybe the first time I've ever thought the woman made any sense. [I'm loosely translating here] Obama's base is less energized because it was a lot more fun to gripe about Bush every week than it is to sing Hosannah Obamah. No duh, Ariana. How astute.

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