Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Vote for the National Anthem of Obama's Hopey-Changey World

Hilarious. "The worst song of all time." I'd never thought about it this way, but I think the guy is right. If you really need a laugh tonight and a break from all the crap that ObamaTeam is raining down on this country, then read Kurt Schlichter's article at Big Hollywood. Here's a snip, but read the whole thing for a good laugh: “Imagine” is a cloying, boggy, sonic swamp of numb-skulled sentiments that sound like they were recycled from a bong-fueled, 2 a.m. bull session between a couple of pampered, credulous UC Berkeley lit majors. It’s the national anthem of the hopey/changey crowd — all at once pretentious, smug, tiresome and intellectually bankrupt.

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