Friday, October 02, 2009

Go Rio!

The IOC announces the vote at 12:30 today (I presume Eastern time). A little music while we wait for the announcement.

Update: Congrats, Rio! Before the IOC vote, I thought this was nothing but wishful thinking on my part.

Wow. I guess those European White Guys on the IOC haven't drunk the Obama Koolaid. It's hard to say whether or not this epic failure will stick to Obama. The guy has a way of bobbing and weaving and blaming other people for his failures that works for him like voodoo. However, this loss actually might end up being a problem for him. It's not always the big things that bring down a politician; more often the death of a political career is brought about unexpectedly, by small things. Bush's administration never recovered from the public perception that he bungled the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Many thought Obama was going to Copenhagen only because the Olympics was "in the bag" for Chicago, since, obviously, what U.S. President would put himself in a situation where there would be even the possibility that he would be humiliated? Something tells me the public is going to have a long memory about Obama's epic-fail-day in Copenhagen. Waterloo? Might be.

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