Friday, October 30, 2009

Democrats Following Pelosi Off a Cliff?

From Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard: "With Barack Obama as her front man, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi--the real power in the Democratic party. . . . [has] combined the most unpopular Democratic and Republican proposals of the last generation in one piece of legislation." Ouch. Kristol says the Pelosi plan will wreck our health care system and (look on the bright side, says Kristol) the Democratic majority along with it.

The mind-numbing insanity of the 2000-page "twenty pound" health care bill produced by PelosiTeam after months of closed-door meetings is simply stunning.

Here's Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R, Minnesota) calling the bill "the Crown Jewel of Socialism." It's the "Pelosi healthcare nightmare." Bachmann says that the final bill will actually come out on Monday night, "a tremendous insult to the American people. We should have months to review this document; the Speaker is giving us about 72 hours."

Mary Katharine Ham at the Weekly Standard Blog knows there's something happening . . .

Image credit: Weekly Standard

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