Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Jackass Moment Brought to You By CampaignObama

I guess it's me, but this is the second time in a week that I've listened to a video of Obama and said, "Huh?" Here he is, at a New York fundraiser, telling his Obamabots that "Republicans do what they're told." Huh?

And here he goes again with the FauxBlack speech--FauxBlack Obama. Oooh, is that racist? Someone please get me the Dictionary of Words that Whining Leftists Tell Me I Cannot Use and I'll check.

Exit Question: When can we start assuming that this jackass is saying things like this deliberately, evidently in a desire to split the country? As someone pointed out to me today, division is a military tactic, used to weaken an opponent. Is it really a stretch to believe, with everything he's doing, that Obama is doing his best to weaken this country? He's not a fool. He didn't say that "the other side" does what it's told for no reason. So what's he doing?

Update: Peggy Noonan has an opinion piece in the WSJ, Oct. 23, where she discusses Obama's "folksy" speak: "This is not a sign of confidence. . . . It is never a good sign when the president gets folksy, dropping his g's, because he is by nature not a folksy g-dropper but a coolly calibrating intellectual who is always trying to guess, as most politicians do, what normal people think. When Mr. Obama gets folksy he isn't narrowing his distance from his audience but underlining it. He shouldn't do this." Wow, Noonan, you nailed it--underlining his distance from normal people.

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