Monday, October 26, 2009

14 Americans Killed in 2 Afghan Helicopter Crashes: Deadliest day for the U.S. mission in Afghanistan in more than four years;

Breaking news update: Barack Obama's golf handicap down 5 since inauguration

This is what Sunday looks like in Afghanistan.

This is what Sunday looks like in Washington, D.C.

Our busy, busy President, carefully figuring out his strategy for Afghanistan, taking his time to get it right. Where is the freaking press on this? I'm surprised he isn't wearing a "Sunday red" shirt just like Tiger Woods.

Politico has this story. For those who keep track of such things, Barack Obama, in office for just over nine months, has already hit the links as much as President Bush did--in two years and nine months. How are the three day weekends working out for you, Champ?

Update: Hilarious. The new president of National Organization of Women, Terry O'Neill, is "troubled" by Obama's all-male sports outings. "We know what happens when we segregate, whether by race or by gender--you end up with first class citizens and you end up with second class citizens." She doesn't like the "boys' club" atmosphere of this White House.

Allahpundit at HotAir has a suggestion for the First Sportsman: "If The One wants to avoid that scenario [pick-up basketball games with Duke starters who are running the pick and roll against Hillary Clinton], his only option is to limit the games to friends only. No pols, no lobbyists, just personal acquaintances."

Here's a helpful suggestion for our president, the one with so much time on his hands: Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Service Sec'y played basketball for Trinity University. She could be NOW's token woman at the pick-up games. Cool.

This evidently turned out as another loss for the White House, since Obama suddenly invited a woman [token woman] along on his latest golf outing. Win one for the gipper, Champ.

Exit question: Where has NOW been on the issues that really matter? Their total non-support of Sarah Palin when the media was saying the most vile things about her children turned them into an irrelevant bunch of hags. IMHO.

Update #2: So I thought women looooved this guy--cool, clean, calm Barry Obama. Unmarried women voted for Obama over McCain by a whopping 70 to 29 percent. (Ick.) Overall, women voted for Obama 56 to 43 percent. So what's happened? This morning there's an opinion piece by Bonnie Erbe at U.S. News and World Report: "Obama Not Comfortable With Women in Basketball, Golf . . . or Anywhere Else." Don't tell me Mr. Cool is losing his mojo?

Erbe goes so far as to compare Obama with the late Senator Jesse Helms: Jesse Helms was so rooted in his atavist traditions, he chose to remain true to his misogyny rather than pose for cameras with faux female golfing partners. Ouch! Erbe even has sad words for Lady Michelle: Whether it was his treatment of Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail (as in his condescending remark that she was 'likeable enough') or his clearly career-oriented mate who has been toned down and remorphed into a Stepford wife, I just don't get the impression this man is comfortable with women.

Good Lord, if Obama has lost Bonnie Erbe, he's in serious trouble. She hosts a weekly "news analysis" program on PBS, and she recently had this to say about Anita Dunn's comments about Fox News, that Dunn's comments are "factually accurate, plain and simple. Fox News is nothing more than a Republican/conservative cheat sheet. Even Fox fans have the intellectual capacity to understand that concept."

It sounds to me like Rahm (the Ballerina) Emanuel and his merry band had better forget their vendetta with Fox News and concentrate more on getting Leftists like Bonnie Erbe back into line.

Another update: Helen Smith, writing at Pajamas Media: Smith cites the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals, the ObamaTeam playbook: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.

Therefore, says Smith, Obama and his Team need to live up to the rule that helped get them elected: DIVERSITY. It would be hypocritical, says Smith, for liberals to accept anything less than standing by their goal of achieving 100 percent diversity: Obama must be called out on his good ol' boy network. It is unfair, unjust, and discriminatory. He should be forced to put equal numbers of men and women in the White House, on the basketball court, on the golf course, and on his staff. Anything less would be hypocritical and must be considered blasphemy to the liberal playbook that Obama and his administration so greatly adhere to. . . . I expect Obama to enforce the liberal utopia of proper ratios of male, female, black, white, etc., for whatever team he is on — qualifications take a backseat to the liberal vision of diversity.

"Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules." That's Saul Alinsky, baby, straight up.

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