Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dear President Obama: Please Give Them What They Need to Win or Get Out

A blunt, powerful video put out by the 545 Project: the government's indecisiveness is putting our troops at risk. The 545 Project: 1 President, 9 Supreme Court Justices, 100 Senators, 435 House of Representatives: 545 run the U.S. and influence much of the world. We the People ... Proclaim this is our country, not the government's. We work to provide for our families, not for the government to waste.

Senator Charles Schumer (D., New York) and Senator John Cornyn (R., Texas) were on Meet the Press this morning, talking about Afghanistan. I'm a little confused as to why Chuck Schumer is the Democrat expert on Afghanistan. His committees: Committees on Rules and Administration; Joint Economic Committee; Judiciary Committee; Finance Committee; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee. Chuck is a faithful Obama administration attack dog, but other than that, I'm not sure why his expertise is sought about Afghanistan. He agrees with Joe Biden? Oh for the love of God.

SEN. SCHUMER: Well, you know, Afghanistan, I agree with Joe Biden. He said when we hear Dick Cheney, we remember seven years of neglect of Afghanistan that once again now President Obama is going to have to deal with. He's dealing with it in a thoughtful, careful way. He's listening to everybody. He will not be rushed to judgment. It's a--I, I'm wrestling with it myself, and boy it's difficult. There is no good answer. But for Dick Cheney, after seven years focusing on Iraq, the wrong place, instead of Afghanistan, to now say, "It's a few months into this administration, they'd better come up with a solution," that's not fair or right.

SEN. CORNYN: Americans are fighting and dying in Afghanistan today as they have for the last seven years. I don't understand, for a president who said this is a war of necessity to now question the recommendation of his lead commander General McChrystal on resourcing the war in order to be successful and win.

[I've deleted a lot of badgering nonsense from David Gregory, asking Cornyn if Bush supplied enough troops in Afghanistan to win.]

SEN. SCHUMER: Just quickly, one, they were so busy with Iraq they didn't pay attention to Afghanistan. And if the right strategy is that we need a new strategy, where was the strategy for seven years? Now, I'm not--I don't want to point fingers of blame. [Chuck, you're a disingenuous fuck.] Our soldiers are out there in the fields. But it's a little bit, gee whiz, here Obama's trying--President Obama's trying to come up with a strategy listening to everybody, and immediately the Republicans are pounding and say, "Do this, do this, do this," when for seven years they didn't, either in number of troops or good strategy. [Excuse me, Chuck, but you're the ones who said that Afghanistan was the "good" war--not Bush. Duh.]

Chuck Schumer is the senior senator from New York, in the Senate since 1999. He's a Harvard grad, also from Harvard Law. Figures. He's the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate. He knows nothing about guns (he grew up in Brooklyn and probably has never been off a sidewalk), but he authored the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. He's a strong pro-abortionist guy, getting a 100% rating from NARAL. He recently did a 180 on his views of same-sex marriage: he now supports the issue after being against it. He was a constant and strident whining critic of George W. Bush's Iraq war strategy.  Chuck is something of a running joke among his colleagues when he gets around the cameras--don't get between Chuck and a camera, or you could get hurt. A self-satisfied smirk is his natural face. Time for you to go, Chuck. You and so many others.

Watch this video with Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.), calling Chuck a "liar" about the Iraq surge; Peters says Chuck has no idea what he's talking about--"He's never been there." I love Peters--he's the kind of guy I would follow into hell.

I'm just saying, why is Chuck Schumer's opinion about what's happening in Afghanistan given any credibility, even on a left-leaning Sunday talk show. If this is the best that David Gregory can do, then he ought to resign. I miss the big guy on Meet the Depressed, Tim Russert. I sure as heck didn't always agree with him, especially after he went squirley on Iraq, but I always respected him. Gregory is branch water.

Here's an article written by Lt. Col. Ralph Peters in the New York Post about Afghanistan. Peters says exactly what he means--he's a no bullshit kind of guy. He writes about the rules of engagement: "The Rules Murdering Our Troops."

My favorite line: Mission-focused, but morally oblivious, Gen. Stan McChrystal conformed to the Obama Way of War by imposing rules of engagement that could have been concocted by Code Pink. . . .As a real general put it a century ago, "The purpose of an Army is to fight." And the purpose of going to war is to win (that dirty word). It's not to sacrifice our own troops to make sad-sack do-gooders back home feel good.

Here's a quote from an open letter to the President from "Deebow," posted on Blackfive: Mr. President, deciding to do nothing is still a decision. He ends it with one of my husband's favorite expressions: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way.

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