Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Olympia Snow: "History Calls"

So Senator Olympia Snowe (R, Maine) wants to make history. She told her colleagues: “When history calls, history calls." Well, isn't that an inspired comment. Where's Tina Fey when we really need her?

Ed Morrissey, writing at Hot Air: Olympia Snowe’s desire to make “history”. . . apparently trumps fiscal responsibility and common sense.
In voting for the ObamaCare bill in the Senate Finance Committee, Snowe was the only Republican to support the bill by Max Baucus (D, Montana), which passed with unanimous Democrat support,14-9.

Snowe was elected to the House of Representatives in 1978, where she served until 1995 when she was elected as Maine's Senator. She's no more a Republican than is my dog (apologies to my dog). But evidently, voting against her party is the way she sees herself as "making history." Yes, Olympia, just what this country needs, yet another politician with an "It's all about me" attitude. In a recent interview, she says she is empowered by something she calls "empathy politics." I think she's empowered by something I call a "large ego."

Politico reports, it positions Snowe to grab a bigger seat at the decision-making table as Reid crafts a bill to send to the Senate floor. Not to mention, the headlines all laud Baucus for landing a Republican vote and give Democrats the “big mo.”

Snowe's lone Republican vote now allows Barack Obama to tout the health care legislation as "bipartisan," as he praised Snowe for her "political courage." We are living in some seriously jacked-up times.

The video shows that Obama met with Snowe many more times than he met with his general in Afghanistan. She also admits that the Republicans offered amendments and that the Democrats rejected them all. But we know that's a favorite Democrat lie: Republicans don't want reform, they bring nothing to the table, they have no ideas. According to a poll in a Bangor, Maine newspaper, 80% of Snowe's constituents disagree with her position on ObamaCare. Snowe's characterization of her own constituents is that they're not bright enough to understand the complexities. And why do people from Maine keep voting this woman back into office?

Update: The Daily Beast is reporting that Republicans are "threatening" Snowe, preparing to "punish" her by denying Snowe the senior GOP post on the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, which is about to become open and which she is in line to take over. “A vote for healthcare would be something that would weigh on our minds when it came time to vote,” said one Republican on the committee.

Well, politics ain't bean bag--that's the way the game is played. To turn the Beast's language around, why should Snowe be "rewarded" with a post on an influential committee when she continues to vote rogue in her own party? If their constituents can't be convinced to vote these Rhinos out, then they should at the very least be marginalized by the system.

Update #2:  In 2006, Time Magazine named Snowe one of America's top ten Senators. Enough said.

Update #3: From HotAir comments:

They’re going to ram this crap through and we’re going to have to fight like hell for 30 years to get rid of the crap while it’s strangling the economy and making a trip to the doctor into a day at the DMV.And they’ll blame it on everyone but themselves, and they’ll push just as hard no matter how bad they fail and… it just makes me sick to think how much of my life I spend fighting idiots who can’t learn from their mistakes. Stupidity should be painful for the stupid; too bad it’s usually painful for everyone else.  

Two Americas now: Traditionalists and the Eurotrash wannabes. Pick your side and let us move on.

Update #4: From Allahpundit at HotAir, a sort of "What if George Bush had done this," with a twist:

The Palin comparison is useful, though. If Sarahcuda had said something as comically insipid as “When history calls, history calls,” Tina Fey would have an entire skit built around it on SNL this week. As it is, our moronic media is treating it as some sort of faux-profound rendezvous with destiny.

Update #5: From a Politico article: "No Snowementum: Centrists Are Still Not Sold." Senator Ben Nelson (D, Nebraska): “We just finished the first quarter,” Nelson said. “There are three quarters to play. The bench is worn out. The quarterback keeps getting sacked. And the crowd has about had it, too.”

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