Friday, October 09, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Can't I just eat my waffle?

From the AP: The Nobel committee praised Obama’s creation of “a new climate in international politics” and said he had returned multilateral diplomacy and institutions like the U.N. to the center of the world stage. The plaudit appeared to be a slap at President George W. Bush from a committee that harshly criticized Obama’s predecessor for resorting to largely unilateral military action in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Rather than recognizing concrete achievement, the 2009 prize appeared intended to support initiatives that have yet to bear fruit: reducing the world stock of nuclear arms, easing American conflicts with Muslim nations and strengthening the U.S. role in combating climate change.

Obama's name had been mentioned in speculation before the award but many Nobel watchers believed it was too early to award the president.

From Reuters: The decision to bestow one of the world's top accolades on a president less than nine months into his first term, who has yet to score a major foreign policy success, was greeted with gasps of astonishment from journalists at the announcement in Oslo. Critics call the decision "premature." Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjoern Jagland rejected suggestions from journalists that Obama was getting the prize too early, saying it recognized what he had already done over the past year. "We hope this can contribute a little bit to enhance what he is trying to do," he told a news conference.

Obama is the third senior U.S. Democrat to win the prize this decade after former Vice President Al Gore won in 2007 along with the U.N. climate panel and Jimmy Carter in 2002.

What are these people smoking?

Our Affirmative Action President has done it again. Columbia University, Harvard Law, editor of Harvard Law Review, Senator, President, and now Nobel Peace Prize winner. Does this guy lead a charmed life, or what? Woody Allen said, 80% of success is just showing up. Hell, this guy doesn't even have to show up. Grade inflation? This guy takes grade inflation into the stratosphere. We really, really need to create a new position for this guy: King of the World, for life.

I didn't know the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded "For the extraordinary attempts of achieving something he may or may not accomplish." Actually, the language reads, for giving the world "hope for a better future." It should be noted that the application deadline for the 2009 award was two weeks after Obama took office. Perhaps the Nobel Committee was hoping for a little bit more from this guy than what we've seen in the past nine months. Who were the other candidates?

Previous winners: Yassar Arafat, AlGore, Jimmy Carter

Those who never received the award: Mohandas Ghandi, Irena Sendler, Neda Agha-Soltan, Ronald Reagan

I love these HotAir commenters. They keep me sane in an insane world.

Reminds me of a Sideshow Bob comment from The Simpsons:“Do they give a noble prize for attempted chemistry? Do they?!”

The Nobel Committee should have given the prize to Osama bin Laden for uniting the world against terrorism--at least that's something concrete that has actually been accomplished.

SNL rags on Obama for doing absolutely nothing as President and Obama gets a Peace Prize for his accomplishments for his first 10 days in office. Bizzaro world indeed.

Well, now we know Obama will win the Cy Young Award for throwing out that pitch.

From the guys at Missourah: On the rumor that Obama was writing an article about how neat it was to win the Nobel Peace Prize, he immediately won a Pulitzer

He'll put it in a case next to his bowling trophies--you know, the ones he's gonna win, someday. Or at least we hope so.

SNL had it right--"nothing. . . nada. . . nope"

Update: Wow. This is from Matt Lauer of the Today Show: "So in some ways he wins this for not being George W. Bush." Obviously Matt hasn't yet gotten today's NBC spin memo. He'll be lucky to keep his job for that crack.

Update #2: Jazz Shaw at Pajamas Media points out in a piece titled "Freaky Friday" that Obama is the same guy who couldn't take time out in his "busy day" to meet with the Dalai Lama, who for the first time in ten visits since 1991 is in Washington without meeting with the sitting U.S. President.

Update #3: A guy named Slublog is helping us to imagine what other awards Obama could receive without any effort or achievement?

Update #4: I thought I had laughed all I could over this issue today until I read something written by Allahpundit (whom I don't often agree with, but I digress) over at Hot Air. He nails it, in a crude way, but nails it nonetheless. The Nobel is more like a flaming bag of sh*t left on his doorstep: He didn’t ask for it but now he has to deal with it, and no matter what he does he ends up a bit soiled. The last thing the White House wants is an excuse for voters to ponder the thinness of The One’s record, yet that’s precisely what this achieves — on a global scale, vastly beyond the reach of the SNL skit that the media’s been chirping about. . .

Update #5: I read everything that DOCTOR ZERO writes at HotAir. He always "writes long," but I have a tendency to do that too. I have no idea who this guy is, but I think that's partially the point. Here's his latest on Obama's "Nobel Peace Price." Heh. A quote from Doctor Zero: "The cultural and political elite of Europe is delighted to give Obama an award for his bold work in turning America into the same kind of dilettante basket case they are." You get the drift.

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