Saturday, October 17, 2009

ObamaPolls: Dropping Like a Hot Rock

From the Harris Poll, an online survey of over 2,200 adults.

Overall: 45% give Obama positive ratings; 55% give him negative ratings. That's down 4 points in the past month, so it looks the Nobel Surprise didn't do him much good, at least where it counts, in the U.S.

Democrats: 77% give him positive ratings.
Republicans: 14 % positive.
Independents: 40% positive (and 60% negative--so Obama shouldn't count on "not sures" of Independent voters to help him out.

Age 18-32: 51% positive; 49% negative. During the election, with the exception of black voters who voted 97% in a block for Obama, people in this age group were his strongest supporters.

Age 64 and older: 39% positive, 61% negative. Those numbers will crash if ObamaCare passes and takes millions of dollars from Medicare.

Those rating him as "excellent": 10%.
"Poor" has doubled since April to 28%. [Harris doesn't offer an "abysmal" category.]

I don't think that Obama's ratings have come close to hitting bottom yet. Most people aren't news junkies, and a lot of people might know something about a few issues, but they haven't really put all of it together yet. Give it time, I see his ratings going to low 30's. If his crap-tastic ObamaCare gets shoved down our throats, he may be looking at 20's. Also, the more he shows his face, the less people like him--so keep showing up in front of the 10% of the people who believe you're doing an "excellent" job while you mock the rest of us. Jackass.

Update: Speaking of polls, a Fox News poll regarding the next steps in Afghanistan, Americans are much more likely to trust the top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal (62 percent) over President Obama (22 percent).

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