Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michelle Antoinette

I really, really wanted to stop posting about Lady Michelle. But she said something in Copenhagen today of such startling stupidity that I can't leave it alone. This was reported today at

Here's the quote, and I'm typing carefully so that I get it right. The emphasis is mine.

In her speech in Copenhagen today, First Lady Michelle Obama said her trip to Denmark, along with the travel of her "dear friend" and "chit-chat buddy" Oprah Winfrey, as well as tomorrow's visit by President Obama, is a "sacrifice" on behalf of the children of Chicago and the United States. "As much of a sacrifice as people say this is for me or Oprah or the president to come for these few days," the first lady told a crowd of people involved in the Chicago project, "so many of you in this room have been working for years to bring this bid home.

Now we know, because she whined constantly on the campaign trail about all the school loans she had to pay back, that Lady Michelle went to some pretty fine schools. Surely at some point in one of those classrooms, she learned the meaning of the word "sacrifice."

Sacrifice, woman, is sitting in a tent in Iraq or Afghanistan and wondering if you're going to get yourself blown up that day. Sacrifice is sitting at home, trying to be both mother and father to your kids and also work two jobs, while your spouse is sitting in a tent in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I am simply ashamed of the endless sick arrogance and self-absorption of these people. I so hope Rio gets the nod on Friday. What a takedown that would be. I know, the ObamaTeam has it in the bag, but until Friday I can at least give myself this one little flash of hope.

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Sharp Elbows said...

REAL sacrifice...great post

Labwriter said...

Thanks, Sharp. Good to see you at the Ed Martin rally. Go Ed! I got to wondering after I posted that thing about Michelle-O: is it possible the ObamaCrew does these things on purpose. Like maybe Rahm Emanuel says, "OK, Michelle, slip this line in here about how much YOU'RE sacrificing to come to Copenhagen--it will drive the Right batshit." But then I think, no, probably not, since although they might be that devious, I don't think they're that smart. Dunno. I just seriously can't figure this bunch out.