Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Have A Winner!

We have a new winner in the Name the Formerly Mainstream Media Contest: the winner is. . . YSM, or Yellow Stream Media, because we are pissed about what's going on with what passes for "journalism" these days. The term works on another level as an ironic paean (pun intended--heh) to what cowards these people are, kowtowing to the Obama administration and refusing to cover major news stories because they are bad news for Barry O. YSM: Yellow Stream Media--that's the best entry yet and our new winner!

A tip of the tinfoil hat for that entry to nobackindown, a frequent commmenter on this site.

We also have a tie for Second Place: one that I particularly like that comes from many sources: "Lame Stream Media"; and one that's used pretty consistently over at Big Hollywood--"Big Media."

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