Saturday, September 05, 2009

Let's Bump It Up A Little

Barack Hussein Obama, our President, sent his White House press secretary, Robot Gibbs, out on Friday morning to tell the White House Press Corps that Van Jones continues to work for the White House. Or, more accurately, Van Jones continues to work for Barack Obama.

I'm not normally a big fan of Michael Savage, but he has said some things on this video that people need to hear--and the most amazing thing, in my mind, is that he said these things back in March of this year. Obviously, WE WEREN'T LISTENING. Are we listening now? We'd better be.

Content warning: If you are easily offended, then for cripes sake, don't click on the video, because Michael Savage gets pretty wound up here, and he's not a "nice guy" like Glenn Beck. However, anyone who hasn't heard about Van Jones because they get all their news from Time magazine, or from the perky Katie Couric, or God help you, from Jon Stewart and "Entertainment News," then I absolutely suggest that it's time--it's beyond time, but at least it's not too late yet--to put your brain in gear, click on the video, and take a look at some of this stuff.

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Labwriter said...

I like the way Savage calls his audience "You Schmucks." In this instance, people not paying attention to a radical commie racist appointed to a high position in the Obama administration, including oversight of a big budget--yeah, he's right, we're Schmucks. What that would make "journalists" who are all sucking up to Obama, concerned about "access" to this fascist creep--well, I probably can't use that word on this comment section without having the blog "disappear." But it's several levels down from "Schmucks," I can at least say that.