Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fire Russ Carnahan

Russ Carnahan (D., Missouri) is an idiot. He's the Representative for the Third District of Missouri. My problem with him isn't only that he looks exactly like a Beavis and Butthead character (although he does, and frankly, that alone is enough in my opinion to vote him out). Russ also acts like a lilly-livered little girl when he's forced to face his constituents (which fortunately for him doesn't happen often--his handlers see to that). I took this photo from his website, so you have to guess that this is the best he can do. I've seen him in public--actually this is a pretty good picture of him, since it sort of disguises his under-shot chin.

This past summer Russ earned the nickname "Back Door Carnahan" because he would give a self-serving speech somewhere, and then instead of making himself available to his constituents after the speech who were waiting outside (we were never actually let in to hear him speak, although interestingly he found plenty of room for SEIU thugs from Chicago who filled up half the seats at a town hall meeting that belonged to constituents), old Russ-boy would run out the back door. In 2010, voters in the Third District will be giving our pal Russ a pink slip and a free one-way bus ticket from Washington, D.C. to wherever he came from in Missouri.

I'll be there at McArthur's Bakery tomorrow night in support of Ed Martin, Republican candidate for the Third District in Missouri. What do you want to bet that this sort of thing is going on ALL OVER THE COUNTRY? Soon we will be able to tell Nancy Pelosi to sit down and shut up, and if her constituents had any brains (but what can you expect from San Francisco?), they would issue her a free bus ticket in 2010 too.

This video comes from Adam Sharp over at Sharp Elbows. We can always count on Sharp to show up at these events and get us some video. Thanks, Sharp!

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