Friday, September 18, 2009

Is It Just Me?

I saw a clip of Nancy Pelosi yesterday, "all choked up" and calling for the people who have been inciting violence all summer--you know, those angry Right-wing mobs at the town hall meetings and the Tea Parties--Nancy says they need to take personal responsibility for the violence they're inciting, "actual and potential." Are you kidding me, Nancy? To double-down on her goofy hypocrisy, she says she also has "concerns about some of the language that is being used." Don't ask her where she was with her great, great concern for the EIGHT YEARS of the Bush administration where we had to listen to the far left screeching about Bushitler every other day--questions like that would only confuse and upset her more, and she's choked up enough right now.

She must have had this speech she gave yesterday all prepared after Saturday's march on Washington, where naturally there would be all kinds of violence--doh, you say there were no arrests in that crowd of--how many? Oh well, never let facts get in the way of getting some quality face time in front of the camera.

But speaking of face time. . . that's what concerns me most right now about Nanner McBotox--her face. Is it just me, or is it true that every time she goes away for a "break," she comes back looking a little bit more like Michael Jackson? Look, I'm seriously worried about her nose. Think about it, Nancy, where is this going? Michael Jackson could carry off the black silk face mask that covered up his falling-off nose, but I don't think that sort of "look" would pull together well with Nancy's Armani suits. Nancy, please, I think that face of yours has had about all it can take. As a friend, I'm just sayin'.

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