Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Not Only Insipid But Also Creepy

The money line comes at the end: "I pledge to be a servant to our President." You have to love the "almost 2-star" rating of this video.

These Hollywood people are hypocrites-extraordinaire. At best, the entire clip is inane: one guy  pledging to get a better car to save the planet; one of them pledges to smile more or meet her neighbors.* Wow. Gee, they're even going to "start" to use less bottled water. Another must be more of a Type-A personality than the others--she pledges to rid the world of Alzheimer's. Honestly, I don't know how these people said this stuff with straight faces--I guess that's why they needed actors to say the lines.

Demi Moore isn't especially known for her comedy roles, but in this clip she actually made me laugh out loud. She pledges "to free one million people from slavery in the next five years." Really? And then not 60 seconds later, "I pledge to be a servant to our President." And she says it with such heartfelt feeling. Good Lord, Demi. Well, OK, let's help you figure out how you could be a servant to your President. I've got it--how about  getting rid of one of your four or five homes? That might help the planet even more than "starting" to use less bottled water.

*Oops. It was reported that shortly after making this Pledge Video, Demi Moore's husband, actor Ashton Kutcher, broke his "I'll smile more" pledge by verbally assaulting his neighbor. Actually, Ashton shot a video of this "event" and posted it on YouTube. He took it down when every blogger, right and left, laughed at his enormous ignorance.

They ask at the end: "What's your pledge. Surely you have a pledge." You betcha, I have several.
  • I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which It Stands.
  • I pledge to work to save our country from morons like these who in their ignorance are turning this country into a fascist state.
  • I pledge to flush--EVERY time.
  • I pledge to be even more discriminating with my movie-going dollars (not that Demi Moore has had any movie roles lately).
  • I pledge not to watch any part of that idiot video ever again.
  • I pledge to insist that everyone "on my staff" double-bag all my groceries in plastic bags (Does anyone really think that any of these people do their own grocery shopping?).
  • I pledge not to let Hollywood hypocrites like these determine the morals and values of my country.
  • I pledge to burn a few tires in a vacant lot just for my own amusement.
  • I pledge to continue increasing my own and my family's involvement in our Second Amendment rights.
  • I pledge to attend the Quincy, Illinois 9-12 Tea Party Tax Rebellion and take along my video camera. Surely some of those people attending would like to be part of their own "I Pledge" video.
  • I pledge to work to rid the House and Senate of its Democrat majority by 2010.
  • I pledge to serve my country and work to rid the country of Barack Hussein Obama and his Team in 2012.

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