Friday, September 04, 2009

Questions Someone Needs to Ask about Our Man Van

Questions from a former White House aide, Jeffrey Lord at American Spectator, who knows how the game is played. He said that no one visits the White House, let alone works there, without being vetted by the Secret Service. So if VanJones was given a pass on his background (for his prison record, for his self-avowed communism, for his 9/11 Trutherism), then he was given a pass by someone at a very high level.

Here's what he says we ought to be asking about VanJones:
  • Who on the White House staff cleared Van Jones?
  • What was that person's connection to Van Jones or Mr. Jones's political sponsor?
  • Who, exactly, was Mr. Jones' sponsor for this job? How much money did he/she contribute to the Obama campaign?
  • Did the Secret Service notify anyone on the White House staff -- or the President or First Lady or Vice President Biden -- that Mr. Jones had an arrest record on file with police in two cities?
  • Did the Secret Service protest any of this, objecting to Mr. Jones' clearance?
  • If the Secret Service did object, who overruled them? The President? The Chief of Staff? Someone else? [If they didn't object, what the hell is going on?--that's my question.]
  • If the answer to this last question is yes, and the Secret Service was overruled by the President or someone else, why did this happen?
Let's ask the questions and then also demand answers from the most transparent administration evah.

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