Saturday, September 19, 2009

"the biggest bunch of crybabies. . . "

President Barack Hussein Obama will be going on five (5) Sunday news shows tomorrow to hock his point of view about health care or whatever: NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and some Spanish language chanel I've never heard of. He is very pointedly not going on Fox News. Chris Wallace has the best (THE BEST) Sunday show of the whole lineup. Here he is, discussing the Obama administration, the Obama Sunday lineup, and the fact that ObamaTeam has chosen to ignore Fox News.

Wallace: “It came from the top down [speaking of the professional attitude of President Reagan and his team towards the media]. . . . It was nothing personal. These guys, everything is personal. I’ve got to tell you, they are the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my thirty years in Washington."

I love the "from the top" snarky dig--Wallace to Obama: Hey, buddy, you own the attitude of your own house.

Here's some stuff from commenters at HotAir:
  • Performance anxiety at 1600 Avenue.
  • Hey for the first time in Barack Obama’s life he is being critically challenged and having his feet held to the fire by people who are judging him not by the colour of his skin but rather by the content of his character and the strength of is ideas and his leadership and he doesnt like it.
  • Obama is afraid of Wallace. It would be good if someone could tape them and string together all the softball questions for youtube.
  • I heard Obama was going to be a guest judge on Dancing with the Stars, So you think you can Dance?, and fill in for Jeff Probst on Survivor.
  • The press is always bragging about how young Obama’s staff is. I think this might be an area where having a young staff is not working for him.
  • IRS audit of Chris Wallace in 5….4…..3….

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