Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Excellent point from HotAir this morning

General Stanley McChrystal, 9/27/09: “I’ve talked to the President once since I’ve been on a VTC.”

LA Times, 6/28/09, on SEIU president Andy Stern’s relationship with the White House: “Stern estimates he visits the White House once a week.”

It's all about priorities. One of the HotAir commentators says it seems that Obama has more concern about the Olympics coming to Chicago than the war in Afghanistan. Another one says, rightly I think, that the issue (which is how Big Media is trying to frame the argument) isn't how Obama gets briefed on ongoing military operations; the issue is that Obama has shown little or no interest in these operations. American troops are getting killed, and the President spends more time strategizing with the labor unions that he does with his generals. The domestic agenda seems to be Obama's true calling, while Afghanistan just doesn't seem to interest him very much. "The good war," as Obama called it, was a campaign issue that he used to help get himself elected--and not much more than that, evidently.

Someone made the point that Obama not talking to McChrystal is a "fake controversy," to which comment someone else posted: To those whose a$$ is on the line in the field, it is not a fake controversy.

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