Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tale of Two CINC's: More Than Just a Difference in Style

I was a proud mother of a soldier in Iraq when George W. Bush was President and Commander-in-Chief; I appreciated so much the easy way Bush had with the troops and, the obvious love and respect he had for the men and women serving this country, clearly demonstrated in this video. Every day I am (selfishly) thankful that my son is no longer in the service, under the current Administration, and every day I pray for our soldiers, sailors, and marines who are still serving, in harm's way, and far from home. God Bless them all.

And I'm working up to getting flipped into crazy about Obama's Afghanistan policy and what appears to be his dithering around, unable to make a decision despite the report given to him by his own hand-picked general, General Stanley McChrystal. Obama has a history of voting "present" in his previous jobs whenever a tough decision was put in front of him. You wanted this job, Barry, so do your job and quit sniveling about your critics. And another thing: Get off the damned television, we're sick of seeing your mug. You're POTUS, for cripes sake, not a candidate for Dancing With the Stars.

A report from Fox News: "Defense Secretary Robert Gates is expected to receive the troop request Friday. But Gates will hold onto the request until the White House and Pentagon get to a "proper stage" in their assessment of the war in Afghanistan, a Pentagon spokesman said earlier this week, explaining that it is premature for the request to be considered until the assessment is fully reviewed." Are they kidding? Get to a proper stage in their assessment of the war? What the hell are they waiting for, while our soldiers are getting wounded and dying over there?

"It's premature for the request to be considered," said a spokesperson from the Pentagon, "until the assessment is fully reviewed." Good Lord, what kind of gob-speak is that? Have a little fun: try that line yourself at work, and please post your results here.

For what it's worth, and probably not much, General McChrystal will be on 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

Here's Obama talking tough about Afghanistan on the campaign trail. Talk is cheap, Barry.

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