Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Very Real Voice of the Opposition

This woman is so real. This is the voice of America: she tells her legislator, "When I speak in opposition, I expect respect." For anyone who thinks that these town hall meetings are full of "faux outrage," or that American citizens are going to roll over and play dead while O'Bummer takes over and makes over this country into his very own fantasy vision of a fascist Bizarro-world [yes, fascist--we need to start labeling this stuff for what it really is--educate yourself if you don't know what the word means], well, listen to the very real passion of this woman, and think again. Oh, and by the way, this woman is from California, not from one of those "whack-job" states in the middle of the country.

ObamaTeam made the biggest mistake ever by dismissing the citizens of this country and their outrage about this health care "reform." She makes an excellent point--that legislators have been trying for years to reform health care, without success, and now all of a sudden it's a "crisis" that has to be shoved down our collective throats. No thank you. Reform, yes; this crap sandwich "health reform" bill, no thank you.

And for the Left to say that people on the Right, if they're not for Obama's "reform," then therefore they don't want to improve the health care delivery in this country--it's simply intellectually lazy and dishonest. I have heard that "argument" so often from people on the Left, and I AM SICK OF HEARING IT. I am not a demonic nutjob because I don't want this bill. I don't "hate my neighbor" because I don't want this bill. I've read the 1300 pages of H.R. Bill 3200 and I think it's absolutely the most sickening, frightening government power grab I've ever encountered. Yet people on the Left consistently demonize me and people like me as wanting NOTHING because I speak out against Obamacrap. They say, straight out, that because I won't roll over and accept ObamaCare, then I must want people to "die in the streets" without health care. For the love of God, people are not dying in the streets. "Nothing" or "ObamaCare" is a false choice, a logical fallacy. Well, here's a choice for you: You who keep screaming that nonsense at me and people like me either know that it's false and you don't care and do it anyway, or you're ignorant and uninformed--pick one.

For the Obama administration, this isn't about health care, it's about grabbing all the power he can get. Wake up. And God bless this woman for speaking up.

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Labwriter said...

I'm making this woman my BFF.