Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Why Did it Take Obama 92 Days?

What is President Barack Obama (aka Professor Dither) going to say tonight that took him 92 days to figure out? Does the fact that it took him 92 days to announce his decision about Afghanistan troop numbers make it a better decision? What does he know now after 92 days that he didn't know after 29 days--or 29 minutes?

Breitbart.com is reporting this: Even before explaining his decision, Obama told the military to begin executing the force increases. The commander in chief gave the deployment orders Sunday night, during an Oval Office meeting in which he told key military and White House advisers of his final decision. Now, it seems, he's in a big, big hurry.

So Merry Christmas to one group of Marines, which is expected to deploy within two or three weeks of Obama's announcement and will be in Afghanistan by Christmas, military officials said. Larger deployments will begin early next year.

Update. Glenn Beck is reporting that our lamestream media won't report this, but Gen. McChrystal actually asked for 60,000 troops. It's true, he asked for some number between 40,000 and 60,000 troops. The lamestream media continues to report that he asked for 40,000.

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