Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Ho-ho-ho": Barack and Lady Michelle Do Christmas

I was talking to someone just today who made the point, "Where have presidents in the past spent Christmas?" The Obamas are breaking the bank with their spendthrift vacations--the taxpayers' bank, that is. Is their lavish entitlement lifestyle just part of the deal--have presidents always spent taxpayer money this way? [h/t: image from Michelle's Mirror's Blog]

Michelle Obama told her BFF, Oprah, that the First Family will go to Hawaii for Christmas, "like we always do"--always defined as starting last year for the first time, since that's when the American taxpayer began footing the bill for them. From HillBuzz: The Obamas will burn through thousands of dollars a day renting three mansions side-by-side . . . dragging hundreds of staff members thousands of miles from their families at Christmas, all at massive taxpayer expense. There simply is no record of any other president spending as lavishly or pulling staff away from their families on the holidays as much as the current president and his “fashion icon” wife, especially not in a time when so many are suffering in a prolonged recession.

If you can stand it, here's some weird insane gushing from an Obama BFF, George Stephanopoulos. Not a critical word to be heard from the lamestream media. Imagine the outrage if a Republican president had done this during an economic downturn like the one we're experiencing now. The Obamas will be on the island for two weeks. The Christmas tree was delivered special delivery from the mainland. Are there more Mao ornaments in the personal family collection? Seriously, these people are wearing on my last nerve.

And P.S. When was the last time the media didn't cover the First Family attending Christmas church services? Are the Obama's "still looking"? Their excuse is that it's "too disruptive" for them to go to church anywhere. Since when was it disruptive for the POTUS to go to church? Every other POTUS has somehow managed to attend church--but Barack Obama is some special case. He's a special case, alright. Robot Gibbs, the White House press secretary, whose job it is to know the president's schedule--that's his one job, actually--said he "didn't know" what Obama's schedule would be when asked if the president would attend church on Christmas. Back in July, White House "spokespeople" were still putting out the fiction that the Obamas were continuing to look for a church "home." No one is bothering to say that anymore, perhaps because even these people realize it sounds too much like an embarrassing, obvious lie.

HillBuzz did the research about where the first families in the past have spent Christmas, and they came up with some revealing answers:

2008, Bush: Camp David

2007, Bush: Camp David, then his ranch at Crawford, Texas

2006, Bush: Camp David

2005, Bush: Camp David

2004, Bush: Camp David

2003: Bush, Camp David

2002: Bush, Camp David

2001: Bush, Camp David

2000: Clintons, White House

1999: Clintons, White House

1998: Clintons, White House, then Hilton Head for Renaissance Weekend

1997: Clintons, Sarajevo, with the troops

1996: Clintons, White House

1993: Clintons, Hilton Head, S.C. (borrowed from a friend)

1992: Bush, Camp David

1991: Bush, Camp David

1990: Bush, Camp David

1989: Bush, Camp David

1988: Reagan, White House

1987: Reagan, White House

1986: Reagan, White House

1985: Reagan, White House

1984: Reagan, White House

1983: Reagan, White House

1982: Reagan, White House

1981: Reagan, White House

1980: Carter, Plains, Georgia

1979: Carter, Camp David

1978: Carter, Plains, Georgia

1977: Carter, Plains, Georgia

1976: Ford, Vail, Colorado

1975: Ford, Vail, Colorado

1974: Ford, Vail, Colorado

1972: Nixon, White House

1971: Nixon, White House

1970: Nixon, White House

1969: Nixon, White House

1968: Johnson, White House

1967: Johnson, White House

1966: Johnson, Texas--his ranch

1965: Johnson, Texas--his ranch

1964: Johnson, Texas--his ranch

1963: Johnson, Texas--his ranch

1962: Kennedy, Hyannis Port, MA (family compound

1961: Kennedy, Hyannis Port, MA (family compound

1960: Eisenhower: White House


nobackindown said...

yes, but isn't it reassuring to know that he's receiving periodic 'security updates' relating to the latest terror attack ... thank God the human firecracker wasn't successful, or the O's may have had to interrupt their Hawaiian vacation and actually spend some time at Camp David (or some other appropriate location befitting the POTUS during a time of crisis) ... 2 weeks and 3 mansions? ,,, you've GOT to be kidding me.

Labwriter said...

For the love of God, that dumb (starts with "b" and rhymes with "itch") Janet Napolitano is saying that the failure of the bomb to explode shows that the system worked. Just how DUMB do you have to be to work on ObamaTeam?

Labwriter said...

Janet B. Napolitano thinks she's head of a first-responder agency. Jonah Goldberg has a good article at NRO's "The Corner." He said he saw her on three consecutive Sunday morning shows (ouch--my eyes!) and "each time she was more annoying, maddening and absurd than the pevious appearance." She needs to be fired. And then the guy who hired her needs to be given his walking papers as well. Doh--that would be Obama, and he's busy basking in Hawaii.

CricketGal said...

"The Obamas will burn through thousands
of dollars a day renting three mansions side-by-side . . ."

I read that the rent runs $12,000 a day for EACH of these mansions. Woe and behold, we can't have TheOne not staying in the best, now, can we? I like how they're having hi-falutin' vacations now that WE pick up the tab.

Previous Presidents tended to stay in WH during Christmas, going to their choice of relaxation for New Years, so Secret Service, staff, airplane staff, THEIR staff (do all 22 of her staff go?) could enjoy the religious Christmas holiday with families.

Since TheOne doesn't seem to have much of a religious leaning, it's easy for him to pack up and make hundreds of workers miss Christmas with their families. As if WH days weren't long enough with the precise and proud service they do to make the WH look great.