Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pathetic: "Science" By Consensus

My newest favorite website is Climategate, published by PajamasTV. Here are Lee Doren and Myron Ebell, working as "citizen reporters," attempting to ask "environmentalists" their opinion about the Climategate emails. You can see they don't get very far. Keep in mind that these are young scientists who have been educated at American universities.

I always worry about the state of American higher education when I see students interviewed on late night TV who can't answer questions like, "Who is Joe Biden?" But I find this video even more disturbing. The guys with the microphone were simply asking for the environmentalist perspective on the emails that have surfaced from the CRU. Most of the young "scientists" declined to be interviewed. What are they afraid of? Or have they been told not to speak?

One brave soul who who chose to speak to these two wild-eyed radicals with a microphone used words like "consensus" and "settled" to an alarming degree. He called it a "fake debate," "ridiculous," and "international consensus." For the love of God, when did scientific enquiry become something decided by consensus? Does this fool even realize what he's saying? His comments continue, sounding more like Leftist political talking points than scientific debate: "cherrypicking," "out of context," "peer reviewed information";  he makes sure to get "settled" in there again and again. He arrogantly concludes: "The debate on global warming right now should be on what we are doing about it." He calls himself a Global Warming Optimist. Right. Optimistic that jumping on the warmism bandwagon will be a career-enhancer, no doubt.

Click HERE  and then click on
Nov. 30, "Warmists Give Climategate the Cold Shoulder"
to view the video.

Here's the second young scientist interviewed on the video, Kurt Davies, Research Director, Greenpeace, "arguing" his case. I am not kidding. "Global warming is real, alright dude? You're wrong, we're right, and I don't care where you go with this--you're wrong." Obviously these are people who have NEVER had to debate an idea with someone who disagrees with them. It's such typical Leftist crap; in fact, it sounds exactly like "We won."

The interviewers tell this guy to read the emails, and he actually says the following: "I don't honestly care what they do as long as we come out with the right conclusions, and the right conclusions are, the science that drives policy." That's an exact quote, at about 5:00.

It's a long video, 12 minutes or so, but well worth it.

Update. I called this character a young "scientist," but that may or may not be true. Who the hell is Kurt Davies, Research Director for Greenpeace? What is his background? Anybody? I did an internet search for this guy and found all sorts of issues that this clown is expounding upon, but I found bupkis about his background. I didn't find any background information for their research director on the Greenpeace website. Maybe like Obama's Climate Czar, Davies has an English degree from someplace in Florida. Not that I have anything against English degrees, since I have one myself; but then again, I'm not out there pontificating on Global Warmism policy. Anybody know?

Update #2. This is quoted in a book I'm reading, The Real Global Warming Disaster, by Christopher Booker, which gives a sort of chronological history from about 1970 onward of how we got to this place with the Global Warmism fraud. Here's the quote: "The work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world." --Michael Crichton, speech in Washington DC, 25 January 2005.

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