Saturday, December 12, 2009

Almost beyond belief--the number two Senate Democrat is "in the dark" about the health care bill

This comes from Byron York at the Washington Examiner:

Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin admitted Friday that he is "in the dark" about the national health care bill currently under construction by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In an exchange on the Senate floor, Republican Sen. John McCain asked Durbin, "Should we not at least be informed as to what the proposal is that the Senate Majority Leader is going to propose to the entire Senate?" Durbin's answer: "I would say to the senator from Arizona that I am in the dark almost as much as he is, and I am in the leadership." Durbin explained that during a Democratic caucus, Reid and the small group of senators involved in crafting the bill turned to their fellow Democrats and "basically stood and said, 'We are sorry, we can't tell you in detail what was involved.'"

There's a good back-and-forth between Durbin and McCain that is part of York's article. Others are writing that Reid's health crap bill may be in trouble. This is from Rich Lowry at nationalreviewonline (NRO): The Reid bill is really tottering now. "If this thing falls apart, you can look back to today as the tipping point," says a Republican aide in the Senate. . . .

Update. I thought this was a good place to add something about how Harry Reid's re-election bid in Nevada for 2010 is going these days. This is another Rasmussen poll, which uses adult likely voters rather than just random people answering the phone. At this point in the race, any incumbent who polls less than 50% is considered vulnerable. Harry Reid, according to Rasmussen, earns only 43% of the vote when put up against any of three different Republicans. In 2004, Reid received 61% of the total vote. What seems to be hurting Reid big among Nevada voters is his ObamaCare stand. Rasmussen reports stronger and more passionate opposition to the bill in Nevada than in other parts of the country: 54% oppose, 44 % favor, with 49% who strongly oppose and only 23% who strongly favor. See you around, Harry, but probably not in the Senate in 2010. Reid was first elected to the Senate in 1986.

Sen. Dick Durbin from Illinois will be up for reelection in 2014. You can run, champ, but you can't hide--even in Illinois.

A good ObamaCare post from American Thinker:

"The ObamaCare Leviathan" by Joseph Smith. The overriding danger of the Senate bill and its House counterpart is the massive government bureaucracies that will emerge as the legislation takes effect.

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