Thursday, December 03, 2009

Facing Scandal, Phil Jones, Head of Climate Research Unit (CRU) Steps Down

 Phil Jones, the Director of the CRU and one of the world's leading climate scientists, is stepping down from his post pending an investigation into the case that he "overstated" (my, what an understated word, in this case) the case for man-made climate change.

Here's the statement he gave to the press: "What is most important is that CRU continues its world leading research with as little interruption and diversion as possible. After a good deal of consideration I have decided that the best way to achieve this is by stepping aside from the Director's role during the course of the independent review and I am grateful to the University for agreeing to this. The Review process will have my full support."

Well, Phil, based on that statement, if the review process doesn't work out so well for you, I'm sure you have a good career ahead of you as a standup comedian. Phil Jones and the CRU have stonewalled for years the Freedom of Information Act requests demanding access to the global warming data. It is alleged that he has destroyed evidence in order to cover up fraud.

Here's one of the email gems in Phil's collection, recently discovered by the hacker (or whistle blower, whichever it was). This was sent in a 2005 email to someone named "Mike."

“The two MMs have been after the CRU [Climate Research Unit] station data for years. If they ever hear there is a Freedom of Information Act now in the U.K., I think I’ll delete the file rather than send to anyone. Does your similar act [FOIA] in the U.S. force you to respond to enquiries within 20 days?—our does! The UK works on precedents, so the first request will test it. We also have a data protection act, which I will hide behind. Tom Wigley has sent me a worried email when he heard about it – thought people could ask him for his model code. He has retired officially from UEA so he can hide behind that. We also have a data protection act, which I will hide behind.”

I eagerly await the results of the "independent review"--maybe Phil can hide behind that, too.

Here's an interview with Lord Christopher Monckton on 27 Nov 2009 by Alex Jones at To see the entire interview, click on the link to Lord Monckton has challenged Al Gore to debate him on global warming, but of course he won't, since AlGore doesn't debate anyone on the subject--he has too much to lose, financially and otherwise. I'm not ready to gloat just yet, but I find it hiliously ironic that if this scandal brings down global warming, then AlGore will have been brought down by the very internet that he "invented." Hooray for Al.

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