Saturday, December 05, 2009

Waiting With Bated Breath for Lady Michelle's Copenhagen Fashion Statements

Will her Copenhagen daywear be something like this? Probably, because the big-belt, too-small-sweater look is Michelle-o's one-trick favorite fashion thing--and the belts are getting bigger while the sweaters get smaller. I'm guessing, though, that she'll be all in green for the conference.

What is wrong with this woman? As Michelle Obama's Mirror's blog points out, here we see both "bold" and "unique" in one outfit. And obviously, still, no one has taught the poor woman how to comport herself. What's with the "splayed knee" stance? She looks like someone who is slightly tipsy, trying to get up from sitting on an ottoman. Try it yourself.

Update. Oh dear. HillBuzz has something to say about this outfit. Mainly that Lady Michelle's attempt to start a trend of wearing "giant, hideous belts" was a bad idea and are becoming the source of hilarious parody. Basically, the huge belts "strapped to her waist like cumberbunds from Hell" are probably a bad idea, making her look like "random members of the public were invited to contribute items from their local thrift shops to her 'outfit' of the day." Ouch.

Another suggestion: Quit matching her outfits with the drapes she's speaking in front of. Here she is, with matching drapes. Seriously, it really does look like the colors were matched on purpose. How bizarre.

Oh cripes! Now she's wearing purple lampshades. h/t to Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog. MOTUS sees this as progress, but I'm not so sure. A poster at MOTUS (unkindly) wondered how those pleats fit over her huge derriere. Ooof!

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