Tuesday, December 01, 2009

St. Louis Tea Party Group Still Going Strong

Four thousand came out on Saturday in St. Louis for the St. Louis Holiday Tea Party, the last gathering for this group of 2009. I didn't attend because of pig flu, but I heard that a great time was had by all.

James O'Keefe, the ACORN buster, was there to speak to the crowd, giving an inspiring and motivating speech about citizen investigative journalism. Bill Hennessey, one of the original St. Louis Tea Party organizers, was there to introduce black conservative Jay Stewart. As a St. Louis-schooled "commensense conservative," he says he is one of the best answers he can think of to Chicago politics. His rousing speech to the crowd is posted at Gateway Pundit.

Of course Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft was there. He sends Christmas Greetings to everyone.

Dana Loesch always fires up the crowd with her enthusiasm.

One of the most hopeful signs, I think, is the number of young conservatives who are part of the St. Louis Tea Party movement.

One of my favorites is a guy who is known by most people simply as "Sharp." Adam Sharp, whose blog is Sharp Elbows, has been a key player in all of the St. Louis events this year. He can be counted on to be everywhere, and he always brings his video camera. People know to watch out for this guy because he is fearless. Sharp has some great stuff on his site right now about the ObamaCare rally that was held on Sunday. Don't miss it. He was told he wasn't supposed to be at the rally because of his "point of view." Wow. Free speech Obama-style, brought to you by ACORN community organizers.

Another group of young conservatives who show up for the Tea Party rallies are bloggers at Missourah.com. The term "wicked smart" was invented for these guys. Sometimes their posts are hilarious and sometimes quite serious. Always worthwhile.

And there's a new young player in the group (he may not be new-new, but he's new to me), Curtis the Conservative Teen, at GatewayPatriot.com. He's put together a great video about ObamaCzars:

So the St. Louis Tea Party group is still going strong. Here's to real HOPE and CHANGE in 2010!

Update. Although I don't know this guy, I want to add another blogger, The P/Oed Patriot. He calls himself "Patch," and he has a great video featured at SharpElbows about the difference between real grass roots and faux astro turf. Sharp says that handmade signs weren't allowed at the ObamaCare event: "only approved free speech allowed." Heh. Nanzi Pelosi, please pay attention.

Oh, and P.S. Obama's approval rating has sunk to 33% in Missouri, including 65% disapproval among independents, 67% disapproval among those ages 18 to 34. That's from SurveyUSA. Obama is going to be a lame duck before he's well into his second year of his first (and only) term. Our FIRST one-term black president. Way to go, Champ.

Last summer I was at a town hall meeting where I heard our Missouri Senator, Claire McCaskill, say that she doesn't care if Missouri votes to bring her home in 2012. Seriously. Well, Claire, we're gonna give you your wish--count on it!

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