Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Senate Votes to Table Amendment to Prohibit
the Use of Taxpayer Funds for Abortion

Updates below.

The Senate voted today 54 to 45 to table Sen. Ben Nelson's (D., Nebraska) ObamaCare anti-abortion amendment. He has vowed to filibuster the final bill if the amendment doesn't make it in, calling his stance on the issue "non-negotiable." Seven Democrats joined the Republicans in the vote against tabling. The Hag Twins from Maine voted with the Dems to table the amendment.

I've been thinking about this issue since it's been in the news in relation to ObamaCare. I guess I've been asleep on the abortion issue for awhile, but when did someone else's abortion become a "right" that my tax dollars are supposed to pay for? Will someone please tell me that? This goes 'way beyond just Pro-Choice. To me, pro-choice means, OK, someone can choose to kill their baby if they want to, but to pay for their "choice," they might need to think ahead--like get a piggybank and put a little bit into it each week; call it the "When I Need to Kill My Baby" fund. That would be pro-choice. But I don't want someone else's "choice" stomping on my rights--and using my tax money to kill babies. What's difficult to understand about that?

I guess it is difficult to understand for some, though, especially for someone like Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., California). Maybe this woman was actually a failed abortion, and in the process they killed off all of her critical thinking brain cells. Yesterday she made paying for abortions with tax money the moral equivalent of paying for Viagra. If I lived in California, I would move, just out of pure embarrassment over having this ignorant woman as my Senator.

What does axing this anti-abortion amendment from the Senate health "care" bill mean for passage of this Socialist nightmare legislation? I just don't know. Obama has let the legislators know that he's willing to sign any crappy bill they put in front of him and call it a victory--then they can "fix it up" later. So I'm somewhat surprised that the Senate voted to table this amendment. I don't understand their strategy. Stay tuned.

And it's not just about tax money. In the United States, since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973, it's estimated that there have been almost 50 million abortions. What a sobering number, and with "free" ObamaCare, that number sure isn't going to go down.

Update. The National Right to Life Movement weighs in on the ObamaCare issue.

Update #2. Reported Wednesday morning by the Huffington Post under the banner "Breakthrough: Health Care Talks Advance in Senate": Nelson routinely seeks out packs of reporters and speaks at length until questions are exhausted, but following Tuesday's 54-45 vote, he slipped out the back of the Senate chamber to head for negotiations between five liberal and five conservative Democrats going on in a room across from Majority Leader Harry Reid's office. A few reporters waiting outside the door asked him how it would effect his decision on whether to support the final effort. "I want to continue to work on this," he said, not ruling out his support, at least "not at this point in time. I want to continue to work on the project we're working on... This makes it harder right now [to support the bill]. We'll have to see if they can make it easier."

So what happened to Nelson's "non-negotiable" stand against having the anti-abortion amendment taken out of the bill? What a surprise--who knew these Washington hacks were moral cowards as well as liars? Looks like we've been had, as usual.

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