Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Someone to Watch: John Dennis, a Libertarian Republican, Says He Will Run Against Pelosi in 2010

"People in this district are getting as sick of her as everyone else." That's the tag line quote for the article about John Dennis in Wednesday's Dec. 9 edition of The libertarian conservative says he plans to "take out Nancy Pelosi in the 2010 election to stop her from devastating the country.

It's a good article that includes Dennis's views on all the major issues. Dennis, who grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey in the housing projects, is the co-founder of Humanscale, one of the world's top 10 design firms, specializing in office ergonomics.

Dennis said he often asks people, "What's the one thing about Pelosi that bothers you most?" "A lot of times, truth be told, people respond, 'Everything,'" he said. "Aside from that response, people say her holier-than-thou attitude, her above-it-all unresponsiveness." Pelosi professes to have sentiments of being for the people, Dennis said, but her actions speak volumes. "Her lifestyle doesn't support any of those positions," he said. "I think people in this district are getting just as sick of her as everyone else."

Dennis has been active in politics for about two years. This is exactly the kind of person who belongs in the House--a citizen politician, not a career politician. Good luck to John Dennis, and I hope we hear a lot more from him.

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