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Obama Does an About-face About Copenhagen Nopenhagen

Obama had originally planned a first-day stopover at the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen on his way to pick up his peace prize in Norway. Now he's changed his mind and will attend the event at the end, on December 18, "when most of the bargaining on greenhouse gas reductions is expected to take place," as reported by the UK Press Association. Downing Street is drooling over this decision: "A Downing Street spokeswoman said: 'The Prime Minister [idiot Gordon Brown--isn't he gone yet?--who is likening the climate warmist skeptics to "flat earthers"]  strongly welcomes President Obama's announcement, which gives huge impetus to the Copenhagen negotiations.'"

Whatever they say about "strongly welcoming" him, Obama is a big disappointment to the Copenhagen Warmism Treaty crowd. He was supposed to deliver the Climate Change treaty this year, but somewhere along the way to passing the Cap and Tax Crapapalooza Bill, the Senate got distracted by health care. Had the U.S. Senate passed the Cap and Trade bill, Copenhagen would have a very different look; however, climate Warmists' green hopes for Copenhagen have had to be drastically scaled down. Where they once thought they would use the conference at Copenhagen to sign a climate change treaty, now they are simply working towards a nonbinding political agreement, with hopes of a binding treaty next year. Evidently the green world is hoping ClimateFraud will simply disappear between then and now.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen promptly welcomed the US President's decision. In a statement issued Saturday, Løkke said Obama's attendance was "an expression of the growing political momentum toward sealing an ambitious climate deal in Copenhagen". Are these people smoking crack? The only growing momentum is coming from those ClimateFraud emails and documents.

You really have to wonder about Obama's decision to show up at the end of the Copenhagen conference. Althouse seems to agree that it's like sprinting to board your ship at the last minute, and the ship is the Titanic. She gives a link to a wonderful dialogue with Jim Treacher and the global warming evangelist who lives in his head. Funny. His last line is a good one: "Climategate is a story about computer hacking in much the same way Watergate was a story about parking garages."

My newest favorite website, Climategate, is reporting that PJTV will also be attending at Copenhagen. Watch the video [go to the link and then click on Dec. 4, "PJTV Goes to Wonderful Copenhagen"], set to the music of "Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen." Wonderful.

A few snippets from the video--as they say, "follow the money."
  • Michael Mann of Penn State U brought in 55 million in research grants between 2000 and 2007.
  • Under Bill Clinton and AlGore, America's annual offering to the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change rose 2,600%, from $199,000 to $5.42 million.
  • U.S. House of Representatives intended spending $1.3 billlion to NASA climate efforts.
  • State of California: $600 billion for its own climate initiative. [No, California, I do not want to bail you out--California budget shortfall to top $21 billion.]
  • Obama-Biden campaign issued pledge to appropriate $150 billion over 10 years [they're going to be in office for 10 years?] to plug hybrids, develop renewable energy, coal plants, and biofuels.
  • Stimulus appropriated $2 billion in grants "for the manufacturing of advanced batteries and components." [Really? Is that what the stimulus was for?]
  • Bank of America announced a $20 billion initiative growth for environmentally sustainable business activity to address global climate change in March 2009. Bank of America received approximately $45 billion in federal TARP funds.
ClimateFraud is and always has been all about the money--and also it was hoped to be a big step in creating a one-world government. The video belows shows comments from 19 Nov 2009, Herman Van Rompuy, President, EU Council.

Websites referenced in the video:
Update. The Goracle has cancelled his speech to which 3,000 people bought tickets in Copenhagen. AlGore's handlers offer a lame excuse of "unforseen changes in his schedule." The Danes who planned the event are understandably not happy: "We had a clear-cut agreement, and it is unusual and with great disappointment that we have to announce that Al Gore has cancelled," said Lisbeth Knudsen, CEO of Berlingske Media. "We welcomed all and had a huge expectation for the event. We appreciated that we had been able to give the Danes the opportunity to get close to the Climate Summit via Al Gore. We do not yet know the detailed reasons for the cancellation."

No details will be forthcoming, Lisbeth. The God of Global Warming doesn't have to explain himself to the little people.

The climate conference is obviously crumbling. One wag at Climate Depot has dubbed the conference "Nopenhagen."

Wonderful: At the Weekly Standard, an article about "Scientists Behaving Badly." Journalists too. A good read.

Update #2. I really like Jonah Goldberg. I see him sometimes on Fox News, particularly shows like Glenn Beck's. He wrote a book called Liberal Fascism. For understanding what Fascism is, that's the book to read. He has an article at Real Clear Politics: "Why Copenhagen Is All Hot Air." He says that we should be very clear: The leaked emails and other documents are a big deal, but they're NOT the reason the Copenhagen conference will produce nothing.
  • Here is one simple, inconvenient truth: No developing country with significant and remotely accessible stocks of fossil fuels will agree to leave the stuff in the ground.
  • Here's another inconvenient truth: The United States will not agree to draconian carbon caps either -- for the simple reason it would be political suicide for all but a handful of politicians. Unless you represent hyper-wealthy liberal enclaves or the ethanol industry, it makes no sense to vote for anything like cap-and-trade. [Remember (who remembers this--not me) that the Senate voted 95-0 not to even consider ratifying the Kyoto Treaty. And it wasn't Bush who "refused" to sign Kyoto--Clinton had already done that. Duh.] Making carbon fuels more expensive for us while not making them more expensive for China & Co. means that fossil-fuel users will move their businesses to the developing world even faster while costs and taxes for consumers will skyrocket.
Goldberg says that while it is great fun for the greens to make a big stink about Climategate, it would be a shame if people believed that Copenhagen's inevitable failure hinged on this one scandal.

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