Friday, December 18, 2009

"On the twelveth day of Copenhagen,
the GreenFrauds (and Obama) gave to me. . ."

Updates below.

"Angry Obama" speaks to Copenhagen. Well, Obama is in Copenhagen, and he evidently spoke to his adoring socialist Euro-fans.

The COP15 website is reporting the "serious disarray" of the talks that prompted the world leaders to hold an unscheduled meeting: The lack of a deal caused leaders to throw out the planned timetable for the final day of the two-week UN climate conference, with their informal talks delaying the opening of the regular session.

Swedish Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren, negotiating on behalf of the 27-nation European Union, blamed the morning's impasse on the Chinese for "blocking again and again," and on the U.S. for coming too late with an improved offer, a long-range climate aid program announced Thursday by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

World leaders handed off the draft text of about three pages at about 3 a.m. local time to their ministers and they continued to work on it through the night. But by 5 a.m., negotiators from Mexico and the G-77 plus China said they were nowhere near agreement on the final document.

Major Garrett, Senior White House reporter for Fox News, reported that Senior Chinese officials--those empowered to make decisions here--boycotted the meeting. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei came mainly as an observer. His attendance was viewed widely by heads of state as a formal Chinese snub of an 11th-hour push for compromise.

Here is Obama's speech. Wow, he's really doing the arrogant Mussolini chin-jut thing during this speech. Sorry, Obama. You can't go around the world apologizing for America all during your campaign and first year as president and then pull out the American-exceptionalism-moral-authority card when you need it. It just doesn't work that way.

Critics of the speech say he offered "nothing new," and some environmentalists criticized his remarks. "This speech appears to be more of a face-saving exercise for President Obama than an attempt to unite countries around a truly planet-saving agreement," said Friends of the Earth U.S. President Erich Pica in a statement. "The U.S. has failed to significantly improve upon the weak position it brought to these talks."

Britain's main Leftist rage, the UK Guardian, said that his speech "disappoints and fuels frustration" in Copenhagen. China and India have walked out of the Copenhagen talks. Apparently these Euro-socialists thought that Obama would come to the summit, heal the divisions, and bring everyone together with a world-wide climate agreement--all in one day. Have they not been paying attention to his abysmal job performance for the past year?

Others are reporting that Obama's speech was "boring, frustrating, and insincere." Vanity Fair, a Leftist rag that has given Obama only the most drooling sort of approval, called Obama's speech a "flop." The VF article quoted the disappointment registered by a climate scientist: “I don’t think the speech will be very well received by China, among others,” said Richard Klein, an I.P.C.C. climate scientist with the Stockholm Environment Institute. “There is such a thing as historical responsibility. [President Obama] has a way with words that works for the media, for the general public, but it doesn’t work for seasoned negotiators who know the ins and outs of these issues and who won’t be reassured that this is a different U.S. from what we’ve seen over the last eight years.”

Klein's point is well taken: Obama can fool the willing stooges in the lamestream media and also his fawning fans in the general public, but when he's speaking before a crowd that actually knows a thing or two about his subject, then it doesn't always go so well for The Won, mainly because his speeches are patchworks of empty rhetoric with little substance--they don't say anything, which seems to be, yet again, the knock on the Copenhagen speech. VF did somewhat excuse Obama, saying he was "looking tired after his overnight flight." Did he "look tired" at Oslo after his overnight flight to pick up his Nobel Prize?

This is a post from a HotAir commenter that I think is particularly on point.

Such a concentration of the world’s most hypocritical loons

They fly into a country, during blizzard conditions (to talk about global warming), on their private jets, drive around in limos and demand that the capitalist countries send money to the socialist ones, none of which has done anything to further advances in humanity or freedom. Then, they give a standing ovation to a third-rate, third-world dictator who’s in the process of stealing his country’s wealth.

At the end of the day, what is their biggest obstacle? Other than China, who isn’t insane enough to go along with the global warming farce, it’s we the people who value the capitalism and freedom that helped us to prosper.

We the people will be sending the liberals home next year and replacing them with people who defend every aspect of America and will tell Chavez to shove it where the sun don’t shine. Every twenty or thirty years, we the people elect snake oil salesmen liberals and have to suffer the consequences before we’re reminded how great our society had been. A couple of years of Pelosi, Reid and Obama has been a real wake-up call for we the people.

If Obama were to make a deal with the Green World at Copenhagen, some believe he might be violating the constitution.

Update. Totally predictable. Who didn't see these results? "Climate Deal Announced, but Falls Short of Expectations," reports the NYT.

After 12 days, I am completely sick of blogging about Copenhagen. You're on your own unless there's something that's a whole lot more interesting than the completely predictable crap coming out of the Obama administration: a "meaningful" agreement. Blah.

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