Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama Hawaiian Vacation Countdown

Wednesday, Dec. 30: Day 7 at the Winter White House

He's really spending two weeks there? Two weeks? Personally, I think it would be better for the country if he spent all of his time there. He could just move the White House to the Big Island permanently. Who cares?

Kailua Beach, where the Obamas are staying has, of course, been closed down. Some people mind, some people don't. This is from Row 2, Seat 4, Fox News' View of the White House. The residents of Kailua are split on whether or not they are happy President Obama and his family are vacationing in their area of Honolulu. Some people are excited the President has stopped by but others would prefer to have their beach back to themselves.

Don Mitchell who has lived on the island for over 20 years decided his front lawn could be used for some news organizations to park closely to his house, but some are not as welcome. Check out the cost for Fox News! ["Free"--way to go, Don!]

Kailua Beach--the lamestream press is actually calling this "the Winter White House." The 7,000-sq-ft house has a "crown jewel," the master bedroom, with it's "breathtaking view" of Kailua Beach, which has been ranked the island's best, a favorite of Hawaiian royalty. And the President has a personal connection to this stretch of sand. Oh. Gag. Me. [Maybe this will be Obama's full time home in his next job, when he becomes King of the World.]

Thank goodness the crown jewel master suite is just steps from the beach, since America's fashion diva, Lady Michelle, seems to have forgotten her belt back in the room. h/t to (who else) Michelle's Mirror's Blog for the photo.

Yunji also tells us that the President's Christmas getaway is on the market, and one realtor says the President has expressed some interest in buying it, but no final word on an offer. He’ll have to sell just a few more books. Oh surely not. I'm sure his Chicago cronies could get him one sweet deal on the property--somehow.

Update: For a little perspective, here's a photo of Richard Nixon's Florida Winter White House.

And Harry Truman's Winter White House, since he was a Democrat, was a little more up-scale; like Nixon's, his was also in Florida. It was later used by Eisenhower who probably liked it because it had all the upscale class of an Army officers' barracks.

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