Thursday, December 03, 2009

U.S. Lamestream Media Won't Cover the ClimateFraud Story, but Britain Will - Sort Of

Hats off to the Daily Express, the first British newspaper to make AGW a front page story. The blogs will drag our media, kicking and screaming, to cover this story. Or not--whatever.

Update. This comes from a commenter at HotAir. No, they aren’t really covering it over here (I’m in the UK). The BBC has grudgingly brought it up a couple of times, but always out of the mouth of a true believer. The main papers have touched it and moved on. The blogs are screaming about it.

Update #2. Wahoo--the Washington Post discovers Climategate, 5 December 2009: "In emails, science of warming is hot debate." No duh. Maroons. Top climate scientists say that in recent years most of the new, worthy research has only made the threat of climate change seem bigger and faster. Really? What "new, worthy research" would that be, exactly. WaPo doesn't say.

These are the facts: After an increase in 1998, the world has been historically warm, but its average temperatures have not climbed steadily. Does that mean climate change has stopped? Huh? "The world has been historically warm"? What the hell does that mean? These "journalists" are even dumber than I thought.

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