Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"On the tenth day of Copenhagen,
the GreenFrauds gave to me. . ."

Are the Copenhagen talks imploding? Maybe, or perhaps it's premature to say one way or the other. Politico is reporting "Chaos at Climate Conference." Protesters have returned outside the Bella Center, negotiations between China and the West seem bogged down again over carbon emissions and Denmark's climate minister, Connie Hedegaard, has stepped aside as the president of the conference in favor of Danish Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen.

Of course, the warmists are attempting to put the best spin on recent events, saying that all climate conferences have experienced similar turbulance. The conference website reports that Hedegaard's resignation was "expected": Hedegaard, who is the Danish Environment Minister, said that with so many heads of state arriving it was appropriate that the Danish Prime Minister would preside over the summit and that the move was procedural. That's the kind of statement that makes my bullshit meter go off.

Says the COP15 website, the talks are entering a "decisive" phase while "clashes erupt" outside the conference center. It's possible this could get ugly if Greens decide they're being stiffed in the negotiations. The Wall Street Journal gives details about the disputed issues in their article, "Divisions Persist On Core Questions As Leaders Arrive." I don't think it's any big surprise that the talks aren't going well. I think the real surprise would be if something substantive was achieved at COP15.

Stay tuned.

Update. Things not going well?

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