Thursday, November 05, 2009

Warning: Botox Proven to Cause Brain Damage

Nancy Pelosi: the woman who thinks the rest of the country is so stupid that we need her crap bill to run our health care for us. Who thinks we're so stupid that we'll let her.

"We won last night," Nancy says. She somehow thinks the Democrats won a seat in New York that was held by the Republicans "since the Civil War." Newsflash, Nanzi: The last time a Democrat held that seat was 1993. Sometimes people with organic brain syndrome live more in the past than they do in the present, so maybe the reason the Civil War comes to mind for her here is because she's flashing back to her childhood.

Keep the fantasy alive, Nancy! Seriously, it's absolutely terrifying to me to think that this moronic woman is such a powerful figure. Two heartbeats away from the presidency. I mean, look at this woman and then think about that. Is this really what the founding fathers had in mind? Good Lord.

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