Thursday, November 05, 2009

Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R, MN): Today is "Kill the Bill" Day in Washington, D.C.

Thousands are expected today in Washington, D.C. at a "Kill the Bill" protest. Gateway Pundit is reporting that 10 buses left from New Jersey yesterday, several more from Virginia, and caravans of cars are enroute from places like Atlanta and St. Louis. The rally will take place on the Capital steps at noon today. Updates later.

From the Americans for Prosperity website: President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Majority Leader Harry Reid think you and I are tired and losing interest. The New York Times and other media outlets are writing that the grassroots fire burned out in August and September. Talking to many of you in recent weeks, I know that's not true. But with the health care battle at a decisive juncture, We need to take a crucial step.

Here is Bachmann's message for those attending the event: "Go into the Capitol and find members of Congress," she told activists Wednesday night. "Don't bring your pitchforks, bring your video cameras. And get them on record saying how they're going to vote and why. And tell them, 'Take your hands off my health care!' Nothing scares a member of Congress more than freedom-loving Americans."

Bachmann makes clear that the ultimate goal of the rally and subsequent member-constituent meetings is to stop Nancy Pelosi's craptastic health care bill. "I think that Pelosi will not be able to get the votes and we'll kill the bill," she predicted. "And if we kill the bill this week in the House, if she can't get the votes, I think it could be dead for 10 years."

Here's Pelosi talking up her craptastic bill while "the folks" wait in the rain for their H1N1 flu shots, illustrating the potential misery if government gets its hands on our health care. The government can't do something as basic as efficiently running a flu shot program, yet they want to take over our entire health care system. Does that make any sense?

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