Monday, November 02, 2009

A Campaigner, Not a Leader: "Get Cousin Pookie Off the Couch"

Here's our favorite campaigner, trying to gin up enthusiasm for Creigh Deeds, the democrat in the Virginia governor's race. Is this presidential? Here he goes again, with his faux 'black-speek," droppin' those g's. Somebody said Hillary Clinton does a better black dialect than Obama.

The video shows Barack Obama demonstrating one of the major problems with Democracy. "Cousin Pookie's" vote--you know, Pookie, the deadbeat couch potato perpetually unemployed barely literate cousin, the guy who knows nothing about the issues and has no clue about who's running--let's get that cousin to come out and pull the lever for the guy with the "D" behind his name, because Cousin Pookie's vote counts just as much as anyone else's.

And here's the obligatory "What if a white guy had said that?" From a HotAir commenter: "Why didn't Obama just add, 'Tell him you’ll get him a pack of Newport Lights and a 40 ounce if he’ll just go with you to vote!'"

Chris Rock plays "Pookie" in New Jack City, a former stick-up kid turned recovering crack addict. "Everyone's got a Cousin Pookie, right?" asks Barack. No, Obama, actually I don't. And yet Democrats get riled up when I say, "He's not my president." Really.

Let's watch these three races--the governers' positions in Virginia and New Jersey and the special House election in New York. When all three Democrats go down to defeat on Tuesday, something tells me the Democrats facing tough races in 2010 are going to be saying to Obama, "Thanks, but no thanks, Pal." We'll see

Obama "helping out" Corzine in New Jersey. Or not.

Update: Oh happy day. In the New Jersey race: Chris Christie leads Jon Corzine 47-41 in PPP’s final poll of the New Jersey Governor’s race, with Chris Daggett at 11%.

Analysis from HotAir: If Corzine loses, the White House will try to spin it as a state issue with no impact on national events. That will be much more difficult to sell in New Jersey than in Virginia, where Creigh Deeds has kept Obama at arms’ length. Corzine has practically had the White House running his campaign over the last month, and Obama talking more than Corzine on the stump. A Corzine loss would have to be seen as a rejection of Obama by a state that has been a safe haven for Democrats for many years.

Here's what I say: Screw the White House spin on these races. 2010 is coming up fast.

Update: The Republican Christie wins in New Jersey; the Republican McConnell wins in Virginia. I guess Cousin Pookie stayed home.


nobackindown said...

maybe Cousin Pookie should pick up a mop ... seriously, what is with this dude ?

Labwriter said...

"Cousin Pookie should pick up a mop"--God, I love it.

What's with this guy? I'll tell you what's with him, what I really think. Obama tries desperately to "relate" to American blacks with lines like these. All it shows is that, when it comes to the U.S., he really doesn't have a clue. His formative years were spent in Indonesia, his high school years in Hawaii, raised by--gasp--white people. Then on to Columbia and Harvard. It's no wonder he doesn't "get" American blacks. It's just too bad that so many of them can't see past his skin color to who he really is.