Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama Gives the Middle Finger to "His" Country

Yes, I'm back. I don't want to be, but this is just too much. Tip of the hat to I can't stand it. I am sickened by Barack Hussein Obama's behavior. Obama is clearly doing this on purpose, to "show" America that we are now sliding into third-world country status. These bows and failures on his part to show proper respect to the flag of the United States are clearly meant to demonstrate to the American people EXACTLY what Obama thinks of "his" country: these are deliberate acts that reflect his true values. This bow is a middle finger to the American people and our country. Failed one-term president doesn't begin to describe this moron. The United States bows to no one. Not ever. No one. Obama is doing all this deliberately. I'm convinced of it now. No more "benefit of the doubt." No more thinking he's too stupid to know better. This is the middle finger to the people of the United States. History will judge you, you fuck. I apologize for my Anglo-Saxon expletive, but I'm beyond being flipped into crazy. This fuck needs to go.

I can only infer from what he's doing that Obama is fine with being a one-term president. He will do as much as possible during his four years to destroy the country--which is obviously a great deal. He never really wanted this job in the first place. He's a fluke. A fucking flake. He will happily return to "private life" after his failed four years as president, raking in millions in speaking fees and other monies that he doesn't deserve. Have you noticed that 10 months in office have aged him about 10 years? He isn't up to the task, knows he's not, and will be happy to leave with his millions (billions, sort of like AlGore?) after four years. It's all about him--toxic Narcissist-In-Chief.

Oh my God, are historians 50 years from now going to have a field day with this ass-clown. I only wish I could be here to see it.

Here's the Los Angeles Times, for cripes' sake: "How Low Will He Go? Obama Gives Japan's Emperor Akihito a Wow Bow." Despicable.

Update: Here's a flashback for you, courtesy of HotAir: New York Times Blasts Clinton for Almost Bowing to Akihito.

From Ed Morrissey at HotAir: Now that Obama has done “the unthinkable” twice, and this time to Akihito, will the New York Times have anything to say about it? Will any of the national news media inquire as to whether the Obama administration has changed American protocol from its 233-year norm of not bowing to royalty, and exactly what “hope and change” that represents?

This is from the NYT, 1994, about the Clinton almost-bow: It wasn’t a bow, exactly. But Mr. Clinton came close. He inclined his head and shoulders forward, he pressed his hands together. It lasted no longer than a snapshot, but the image on the South Lawn was indelible: an obsequent President, and the Emperor of Japan. Canadians still bow to England’s Queen; so do Australians. Americans shake hands. If not to stand eye-to-eye with royalty, what else were 1776 and all that about?

Indeed. Good question, NYT. What else was 1776 all about, if not about refusing to kow-tow to royalty? Will the lamestream media report this latest Obomination? I'm not holding my breath.

And how soon will the White House deny this bow?

Tip to the White House Protocol Office: This is how it's done.

Not this.

Update #2: He didn't even get the bow right. According to Thomas Lifson at American Thinker, Obama got the bow wrong. Obama's bow violates a fundamental precept: NO TOUCHING while bowing.

This comes from a Japanese bowing website: When bowing to someone of higher social status, a deeper, longer bow indicates respect. Conversely, a small head nod is casual and informal. However, most Japanese do not expect foreigners to know proper bowing rules and so a nod of the head is usually sufficient. It is also common to bow to express thanks, to apologize, to make a request or to ask someone a favor. Shaking hands is uncommon among the Japanese, but again, exceptions are made for foreigners.

Lifson says the Emporer appears to smile, something polite Japanese do when embarrassed (or angry).

Lifson: Anyone with about two days' familiarity with Japan knows about bowing. The average person in Japan bows dozens of times a day. You see it everywhere. . . . I suspect the poor Emperor was so shocked by the faux pas that he just pretended it didn't happen. That is one way Japanese people deal with breaches of etiquette, especially from the powerful who are also ignorant. But the end resilt is that Obama has been snubbed royally. Imperially, in fact.

I'll ask it again: Where is Obama's chief of protocol? Her name is Capricia Penavic Marshall, and she was sworn in on August 3 of this year. I would think that her main job would be to keep Obama from making these kinds of trans-cultural dumb-azz zingers. Hey Capricia, get busy, because your guy is looking like a real doofus.

From the U.S. Department of State website: Whether rolling out the red carpet for a King visiting the President at the White House, hosting a Prime Minister at the President's guesthouse, traveling overseas with the President, credentialing a new foreign Ambassador, or planning events for the Secretary of State, the duties of the Office of the Chief of Protocol are many and varied.

So far, I would say that Capricia isn't earning her keep. Although I would say from experience, teaching a narcissist new tricks is not an enviable job.

Update. Obama might as well fire his Chief of Protocol and save the taxpayers some money. Never in my life would I have thought I would live to see the day that a President of the United States would disrespect his own country. Simply put, I am humiliated that this man is representing the United States around the world--and maybe that's exactly what he's aiming for. Heads of state do not bow (see the video below from UConn College Republicans).  HotAir reports (thank you, HotAir for reading the Leftist nutroot websites so that I don't have to) that the nutroots on the left are saying that Obama was simply showing cultural sensitivity. Oh barf. No he was not. He was showing how big an ass-clown he can be. He was demonstrating his notion that he would like to take the United States down so that it can be like all the other second or third-rate countries around the world--that was his electoral madate, to embarrass and apologize for our country all around the world. Good work, Champ.

Update #2: This comes under the category of, "Are you kidding me?" The Leftists are of course screaming about how the Right is characterizing Obama's bow, absolving their idiot president with the claim (in their childish way, like they seem so fond of doing--like your little brother did when you were seven and he was five), "Nixon did it too!" Below is the photo of Nixon's "bow" that the Leftists are characterizing as "just like" Obama's. At least Nixon got the bow right--a slight bow with his hands at his side. Obama's lurching bow was so inappropriate, he embarrassed the Japanese people. Or at least they're so embarrassed for him that they're not running that picture of him bent double and shaking hands.

The other brilliant Leftist analogy I'm reading of Obama's cultural faux pas is to sneer "Who cares?" Really?

Nixon's "bow":

Yet Another Update (I've lost count). Michael Ramirez at sees the Obama Wow Bow the same way I do: as a middle-finger salute to his own country.


nobackindown said...

Little piss-ant flies off on a 10-day trip to the Orient - what a convenient way to dodge the issue of our servicemen and women being assassinated at what is supposed to be their only bastion of solitude and camaraderie -- I CAN'T BELIEVE HE STUCK HIS ASS UP IN THE AIR AGAIN!

Mr. Underhill said...

Wait, am I missing something here? What's wrong with him bowing? Sure he gets it wrong, but at least he's trying. It's a bit like going to a foreign country, armed with a few basic (albeit badly pronounced) phrases in their language. It's amazing how people respond to even the tiniest gestures.

Labwriter said...

Mr. Underhill: Puh-leeze, a "tiny gesture"? An American President bowing to a foreign dignitary? I don't know where you're from, sir, but people my family fought in the Revolutionary War so that our country would bow to NO ONE. And that's how it's been since 1776. Why change now, you say? "At least he's trying?" Good Lord. You're not from here, are you?