Friday, November 06, 2009

"It's all about 'poor Major Hasan,' and I am ready to puke"

I couldn't agree more with Lt. Col. Peters. I've said it before, political correctness is the scourge of our country.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: "What happened yesterday at Fort Hood was the worst terrorist attack committed on American soil since 911. It was committed by a Muslim fanatic who shouted "Allah is Great" and gunned down 44 unarmed soldiers and civilians. . . . We knew he was an Islamist. The military did nothing about it out of political correctness. . . . It troubles me that our Army has become so politically correct that they didn't get rid of this guy. . . . He was arguing against the war with his patients. My God, our veterans deserve better than that.

"I want our President to take a stand. Stop this, oh, there is no Islamist terrorism. . . . Let's be honest about it. . . . This guy. . . has been a troublemaker and a sadsack for a long time, but because he was part of a protected species, a protected minority, the Army let him slide, just reassigned him, and what happens--13 soldiers and civilians dead, 28 seriously wounded, a few more lightly wounded. And what do we say, Oops? No. It's time to get rid of the PC culture in the Army, in society, in the media."

Whining Leftists in the media want us to believe that the shooter at Fort Hood, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, had some sort of second-hand post-traumatic stress disorder, evidently breathed in from his patients like second-hand smoke. Murderer and terrorist Hasan has never been deployed, although he was scheduled to be sent to either Iraq or Afghanistan sometime in November. I guess we're to believe he had "premature" PTSD. He was also a victim of Islamophobia, his family claims.

Hasan joined the Army right out of high school.  He's 39 years old, so that means he's been in the Army for about 20 years. He was happy to have the Army pay for his college education and then medical school, including a residency in psychiatry. His family says he started having "second thoughts" about his Army career "a few years ago." Oh, you mean like maybe in about 2001? Then here's a thought, Hasan: get the hell out of the Army. Here's an article discussing Hasan's background in more detail.

Lamestream media outlet CBS News is reporting that the FBI has been tracking Hasan for at least six months because of Internet postings discussing suicide bombings and other threats: "One of the Web postings that authorities reviewed is a blog that equates suicide bombers with a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save the lives of his comrades."

The question of the day: How did this guy not get booted out of the Army when he had a file full of red flags? That's a question I want to see answered.

Here is Barack Obama's second attempt at speaking about the massacre at Fort Hood. Obama cautions the country against "jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts." So he either learned his lesson from the Gates incident when he said, without knowing the facts, that the police acted "stupidly," or else he's a flaming hypocrit. Hmm.

His characterization of the event is that it was a "mass shooting." Obama: "As we continue to learn more about what happened at Ford Hood, this administration will continue to provide you with updates in the coming days and weeks."

Obama has provided us with "updates"? He won't even say the name of the shooter. Exactly what updates has he provided us with? Why do I get the feeling that Obama would be oh so more than happy to sweep this "incident" under the rug and never hear it mentioned again? I would have wanted/expected him to at least say something about the heroism of the first responders and the excellent quick-thinking first aid response of the soldiers--say something meaningful. Instead we hear finger-wagging from Obama: don't jump to your racist, whitey, Christian hasty conclusions. Well, thank God Sergeant Kimberly Munley had the guts to "jump" to conclusions and stop the murdering terrorist with four bullets. Who is expected to survive his wounds, by the way, and maybe it's a good thing that he survived, so that this incident will be thoroughly looked at and not just disappear.

P.S. One of yesterday's dead was a 21 year old female soldier who had survived two tours in Iraq. She was pregnant.

Update. Food for thought from a commenter at HotAir: You must remember, it’s not psychologically possible for the Left to concede the Islamic motive. Not possible. The holy narrative is at stake. If this guy really was a Jihadist, a raging Islamic fanatic, then you know what means — that maybe Bush was RIGHT, maybe we ARE at war, maybe we DO have an enemy, maybe there ISN’T moral equivalence, etc.. That road leads only to madness. They must come together in their convolutions of psychobabble and victimhood and excuse-making. It’s a matter of survival — their own. They will drag the rest of us and our society into total howling madness before they make an admission against self-interest. Selfish isn’t an adequate word for this — call it maniacal, consuming and destructive righteousness.

Update #2: George W. Bush and Laura Bush made a private visit to the Fort Hood wounded and their families Friday night. Bush spokesman David Sherzer said in an e-mail that the couple thanked Fort Hood's military leaders and hospital staff for the "amazing care they are providing."

Obama's visit? Is it planned yet? Haven't heard. Never mind, he plays golf on the weekend, so he's probably busy.

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